Take a Bao

It's "Take Your Quilt to Lunch Month!" For those of you in and around Flint, Michigan, Ba Doy Ow is offering a special treat if you bring a quilt in to their wonderful restaurant during the month of January. Why? Because when I blogged about Ba Doy Ow before a bunch of quilters showed up. Yi-lan, … Continue reading Take a Bao

The Farmers’ Market

Last week we re-discovered the Flint Farmers' Market. What a blast! It was a beautiful late summer day, the sun was out, and the parking lot was FULL! I bought tomatoes for some authentic Italian bruschetta:  diced tomatoes, 5 cloves of garlic, salt, fresh basil, olive oil all dumped on  a hot-out-of-the-oven pizza dough. Not that … Continue reading The Farmers’ Market


Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, I know bagels. After Mom moved in with us we would drive back to the old neighborhood to buy bagels: 120+ miles roundtrip. (We bought 3 dozen at a time and froze them. Sacrilege, but what could I do?) Quite the versatile food group, bagels are. Fresh with lox, … Continue reading Bagels

Walker Brother’s Pancake House

I gave up cooking, but I still like to eat. Kris Johnston took me to Walker Brothers for brunch on the way to the airport yesterday and suggested I order mini-version of their famous German Pancake called The Dutch Baby. Oh my goodness! Quoting from the menu, "it's a thin and delicate plate-filling oven-baked pancake … Continue reading Walker Brother’s Pancake House