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Scooter Simms

I am named. I like it. I am Scooter!

Thanks for all the name suggestions. As mom explained it to me our home is not a democracy, it is a benevolent dictatorship. And Mom rules the roost. We’re not chickens,that’s just a metaphor. Possibly a metafive. I’m not very good in people-speak yet. Anyway, she picked Scooter.

We read ALL the names and she was closing in on Charlie or Cooper, and then I sealed my fate by be going after a peanutbutter-filled dog toy on my belly. I pushed it with my tongue all over the living room floor crawling commando style behind it. Later I went to sleep positioned  between the bed and the wall and by morning I had scooted almost totally under the bed and couldn’t get out. The next night I flipped around the other way and slept with my head on the carpet and my back legs up against the wall, as in over my head! A canine U-turn. Mom laughed at me out loud. Every time she woke up, my hind quarters were still higher than the rest of me and I had scooted a few feet farther away down the wall. I have no idea what I was doing; I was asleep!  But now I am Scooter.

I am great in the house! No accidents. I have no interest in anything around the house other than my toys, which are very interesting.  I am coming when I am called (sometimes), and I am learning “Go get it” and “Bring it” and “Give.” I have left presents in the yard when Mom asks. Life is good. Life would be better if Mom would just let me yank her around on our walks, but she’s having none of that!

More next time. Until then I hope you miss me.

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Good morning!

I am here now. I wasn’t before.  Before I was someplace else.

I am a rescued dog.

I had excellent foster parents and a couple of other parents before that and one in between that had me for only 3 days and then sent me back. I am a handful. But Mom (the lady in the green behind me) says I am in my Forever Home now.

I will be two on July 16th. And I am very soft. I HAVE LOTS OF ENERGY. Mom (the green lady) thinks my legs are too long. She is trying to wear them down. We have had lots of walks since 9:30 yesterday morning when I started going home.

Here’s a picture of me after our first walk. That is not our house. It is somewhere on the way home.

Mom is very proud in the picture because for about 12 seconds after 16 laps around the not our house place I actually walked with a “Loose Leash.” (See it drooping? See Mommy’s arm not straight out in front of her?) Her left arm is now 3 inches longer than the other one.

Here I am relaxing in the car going home.  I am adorable.

I also need a name. I had a name, but Mom and I decided I need a new start and a new name. Except she can’t think of one.  Can you?

Here are the requirements.

1. I am a boy dog. NO GIRLIE NAMES! No either/or names. Everybody thinks Golden Retrievers are girls. It has to be a manly name.

2. It has to sound nice with my new last name: Simms.

3. It can’t be anything that you shout out loud and it kind of sounds like a bad word or is embarrassing to me in any way.

4. Not too many syllables; I move fast.

Please give us as many suggestions as you can think of that are good names for me. Use the COMMENTS. (If you get this emailed, please don’t hit reply.)

Waggingly yours,



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Ami Simms

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