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As Luck Would Have It

Ghirardelli Twilight DelightI love when the universe conspires to make me happy.

First I discovered my new favorite chocolate. It was part of a goodie bag prepared for me by the Program Chair at the East Cobb Quilting Guild in Marietta, GA two weeks ago. Hotel Snackage. It was so delicious I took a picture of the wrapper, the chocolate having been most enthusiastically consumed earlier. Rapidly consumed. All in one sitting.

I love dark chocolate. Ghirardelli Intense Dark (Twilight Delight) is delicious. That dark chocolate might even be good for me is an added bonus. It’s loaded with antioxidants, improves blood flow, is high in vitamins and minerals, and might even harden my tooth enamel! That’s pretty wonderful, isn’t it? I feel healthier and so much less guilty already.

Happy Day! I found the very same chocolate at my grocery store when I got back home. I wolfed down another whole bar in one sitting. I can feel my tooth enamel getting as hard as concrete. I think my quarter inch seams are looking straighter too…

But wait. I just got back from Rite-Aid. I was shopping for knee-high’s and little bottles of hair spray for my upcoming trip to visit with the Cabin Fever Quilters’ Guild in Fairbanks (still a few spaces in the workshops). Rite Aid moved the little bottles of overpriced travel cosmetics again and as I wandered around looking for them (their plan all along) I bumped into the Ghirardelli chocolate section!

They had bars and individually wrapped squares of my Twilight Delight right there on the shelf! And the individually wrapped squares were ON SALE! I snagged two bags for $6.00  (the sign told me to) which was actually less per ounce than the big bar! (I did the math.) My thought here was that if I got the individually wrapped squares not only would it be less expensive, but it might slow down my rate of chocolate consumption. I would be spending several extra seconds opening up the little wrappers. (That was before I thought of opening them up with my applique scissors.)

Hang on. It gets even better. When I paid I used my Wellness Card (Rite-Aid’s loyalty program) and I got $2 for buying the knee-high’s (no idea why) and another $2 for the buying the chocolate (no idea why). So, what does this mean? The chocolate will still be on sale until the end of the month and I’ve got $4 in free money. I can get two more bags of Twilight Delight tomorrow for only $2. At that price I might even be willing so share. Would anyone like some knee-high’s? Hair spray?

Chocolate? What chocolate? I don’t see any chocolate.


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