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More Shirt Quilts

I just completed two more quilts using Mark’s shirts and mailed them off to two of his close friends. One was a Trip Around the World, so appropriate for Mark who loved to travel. He’d been so many interesting places, took lots of pictures, and gave great tours of wherever he lived. 

Trip Around The World 

I used Mark’s shirts for every part of the quilt including the backing and sleeves. I was trying to find a use for the yokes of the shirts. One became the bottom sleeve of this quilt. I had to extend it a wee bit as it was a little too narrow. I bound the raw edges. It flopped quite a bit, so I shoved the rod in the bottom pocket, took two buttons from the shirt and sewed it shut. 


The other quilt was a Sunshine & Shadow, which also seemed appropriate for a mourning quilt. It is the human experience: joy and sadness. Without one, we can’t appreciate the other.  

Sunshine & Shadow 

I took a pocket from one of Mark’s special shirts and sewed it on the back. Hanging, by that proverbial thread, is a button from the shirt. In times of pain and sorrow, we sometimes feel like that, drifting, unsure. It’s there against that pocket of hope and positive things, another “light” and “dark” to ponder on the back of the quilt. 

Pocket and button hanging by a thread.

I still have one more patchwork quilt waiting in the wings, and a T-shirt quilt or two before I’ll call it quits and move onto another quilt that is pulling at my heart. 

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Best Fortune Cookie EVER!

Best fortune ever!Is this not the best fortune for a quilter to find in her cookie? It’s  been stuck on my bulletin board for probably a decade; I even photocopied it once or twice in case it ever got lost.  

OK, so it says “rags.” “Scraps” would have been much better, but it has the word QUILT on it!

Perhaps my dinner partners will recall where I was and who they were, because it’s been so long ago and there have been so many wonderful meals with students over the years that I can’t remember. The food was great, the company even better, and the memento of the evening was the quilty fortune. 

Mom really enjoyed the party.When my mother turned 70 I made her a photo-transfer quilt. If you have a copy of Creating Scrapbook Quilts, you’ll see it on the cover. They story of how I pulled off the surprise quilt and the surprise birthday party is on page 41. The best picture of her being surprised is this one. (She had a pretty good time at the party.)

I bring this up because I had her surprise party at a Chinese restaurant and mail-ordered special fortune cookies for the event. (Yes, you can do that!) I think there were four different messages in the custom cookies, but I can only remember two: “You’re going to kiss an old lady.” and “There’s a little piece of rice stuck on your upper lip.”

What's your fortune?You can also make your own digital fortune cookie image here. Just type in what you want it to say.

And your fortune would be…..what?

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Stick It In Your Ear!

Puppus Doggus EarringsI did!

Are these earrings not the coolest? My friend Peg made them just for me and I’m so delighted. Can you see the resemblance to the dogs in the quilt in the background?

Here, check out the detail: Doggies!

These little puppies are as cute as they can be and light as a feather. They’re made out of special paper and they’re coated with plastic so that they won’t melt should I happen to get caught in the rain.

They are extremely sturdy, so I don’t have to worry about scarves, wind gusts, or enthusiastic hugs. These earrings will come out unscathed.

She also made me two pair of Twisted Sisters earrings.

And a pair from a photograph of part of my St Basil’s Cathedral quilt.

And a pair out of the quilt top I made after my mom passed away.

The earring art is 3/4″ square and for pierced ears only. They are ultra light.  They feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, in your ears at least.

So why am I going on and on? I think I’d like to sell these earrings on my web page. How does $10 a pair sound? These designs will only be available through me. Raise your hand if you’re interested. Your feedback is appreciated. Leave me a comment in the comment section of the blog.  Ask your friends to weigh in too. Thank you!

UPDATE: The earrings shown above, and scores more, are on my web site now!  Please take a look:

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A Hole In One

Hello. This is Madison T. Dog writing and let me first state that there are no pictures with this blog post. None.  And there never will be. And I am as embarrassed as a grown dog could possibly be.

Mom has already shared our wonderful trip to Vermont together.  What she didn’t tell you is that she has taken this dog training stuff to new heights. She is quite pleased with herself. 

When we travel I am exceedingly well-behaved and obedient, because I get to go special places.  I do what I am told.

Mom monitors everything too, especially things I eat and drink as she has discovered a direct correlation between what goes in (water and kibble)  and,  er…. “what comes out.” I am not allowed to water plants or leave presents unless I am commanded to do so. This is OK with me because it’s like the woman totally reads my mind anyway.

So on the morning of the last day of the trip, after I enjoyed a big cup of kibble, she took out the little blue bag. This is the international sign that there will soon be something to “scoop.”  Off we went to a lovely grassy area in front of the hotel. Instead of keeping a discreet distance and allowing me a little privacy as she usually does, she was definitely tailgating, if you catch my drift. I was a little concerned, but Nature was calling, and just as she called, Mom held the opened blue bag beneath my butt!

I was stunned.

Before I knew what happened, it was IN THE BAG! Literally. Mom danced around and proclaimed a “hole in one!” I just don’t know what to think. This takes micromanaging to a whole new level.

I hope she doesn’t tell the other dogs; I’ll be the laughing-stock of the whole neighborhood.

Happily, like in golf, “holes in one” are suspect unless witnessed by others. I think that’s the only thing that’s going to save my reputation. (Probably shouldn’t have blogged about it…)

Yours obediently,
Madison T. Dog

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