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Santa Dog Brings Tidings of Joy

Mom’s busy. She is procrastinating. That’s why you haven’t heard from her.

Mom said I could bring you holiday greetings, however. So, like the song about the merry gentlemen resting, I bring you tidings of “Come Fur and Enjoy!” (I’ve recently been brushed.)

I love to wear my Santa suit. Mom made it for me. There was a hat too, but I don’t wear hats. (Tell her, please.) 

We’re wrapping present now, which is a good thing because I don’t smell very many under the tree for Madison. I will smell again later tonight when nobody is looking. Mom doesn’t wait until night-time. She vacuums the presents that say “AMI” under the tree. She tries to see if she can move them around and guess what’s inside or possibly suck part of the paper off. 

Mom is the worst present-wrapper ever. Nothing ever lays flat or matches up. She rips the paper all the time (half the corners are bare and poking out) and she uses lots of tape. I try to help whenever possible by holding things and suggesting places to strategically cover the rips and tears with bows. I wrap for her, but Mom is the only one that likes yellow fur under the tape.

One of our Internet  friends recommended this singing video on You Tube. Mom and I got a big kick out of it, so I hope you watch it.

I hope you find something nice to chew on under your tree this year and may all the squirrels that come into your yard be a little slow so that you can catch them and give them big Christmas kisses.

Mom will write again soon. Meanwhile, tell me what you’d like for Christmas!

Madison T. Dog
(A.K.A.  “Santa Dog”)

December 21, 2009 at 6:03 pm 28 comments

Ami Simms

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