Best Fortune Cookie EVER!

Best fortune ever!Is this not the best fortune for a quilter to find in her cookie? It’s  been stuck on my bulletin board for probably a decade; I even photocopied it once or twice in case it ever got lost.  

OK, so it says “rags.” “Scraps” would have been much better, but it has the word QUILT on it!

Perhaps my dinner partners will recall where I was and who they were, because it’s been so long ago and there have been so many wonderful meals with students over the years that I can’t remember. The food was great, the company even better, and the memento of the evening was the quilty fortune. 

Mom really enjoyed the party.When my mother turned 70 I made her a photo-transfer quilt. If you have a copy of Creating Scrapbook Quilts, you’ll see it on the cover. They story of how I pulled off the surprise quilt and the surprise birthday party is on page 41. The best picture of her being surprised is this one. (She had a pretty good time at the party.)

I bring this up because I had her surprise party at a Chinese restaurant and mail-ordered special fortune cookies for the event. (Yes, you can do that!) I think there were four different messages in the custom cookies, but I can only remember two: “You’re going to kiss an old lady.” and “There’s a little piece of rice stuck on your upper lip.”

What's your fortune?You can also make your own digital fortune cookie image here. Just type in what you want it to say.

And your fortune would be…..what?

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10 thoughts on “Best Fortune Cookie EVER!

  1. Love the photo of your mom laughing. It made me want to laugh too. Great idea to have the fortune cookies made and I bet it was enjoyed by everyone. Very clever!


  2. Ami, you always know how to start off my day with a grin. Enjoyed your fortune cookie story. LOVE the picture of your Mom!


  3. Ami, you are a ray of sunshine this Monday monring. I love the picture of your mom. I miss my mom too. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Also loved the pic of your mom! I have a similar one of my mom and her sister at the kitchen sink, probably in the 60’s, facing each other with the same joyous, unabandoned, howling laugh! I have it on my mantel and it always makes me smile. :-)


  5. Ami, For a family reunion, 3 of us got together and thought of trivia questions about the family and then had the questions put in the cookies. When you ate a cookie you had to answer the question – it was lots of fun.


  6. Wonderful photo of your Mom. I am in a Tai Chi class and we use
    fortune cookie fortunes to place on the ground, then do the 97 move routine and see how close we came to where we started. No one likes to volunteer to lead the routine. One time we reached in the bag to pull out our fortune and our teacher had typed new “fortunes” for us. “You are very talented. Today you will lead the class.”
    It took us a minute to realize we all had the same fortune and got a good laugh out of it.
    Enjoy all your blogs so much. Am a quilter, naturally.


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