I Can See Clearly Now

Literally. I got new glasses. Well, same frames, different lenses. While I wasn't looking, my prescription changed by "two clicks," presumably in the wrong direction.  As of 20 minutes ago, my lenses are corrected. I look the same, but I see much differently. Everything is much larger. And closer.  And brighter.  And I have become short. I … Continue reading I Can See Clearly Now

Towel Hugs

I've been spending a lot of time "nesting."  For me, that's attending to small projects around the house. Nothing major, just putting away the clutter and cleaning drawers and closets. Organizing. Taking inventory. Weeding stuff out, and re-purposing. I'm not a big thrower-outer. I have pack rat tendencies. Major stuff would be cleaning out the … Continue reading Towel Hugs