Ba Doy Ow (That New Taiwanese Place)

Ba Doy Ow We have a new restaurant here in Flint that is absolutely fabulous. It only took me about six weeks to be able to say the name without stumbling, but you may be more linguistically agile than I am. Say it just the way it sounds: Ba (rhymes with “la”) Doy (rhymes with “boy”) Ow (like you just stubbed your toe). Translation? “I’m Hungry!”

Eat at Ba Doy Ow and you won’t be hungry for long, even if you can’t say it right. Most often we just refer to it as “That New Taiwanese Place.” It’s right here on Linden Road north of Genesee Valley Center and I am learning that Taiwanese food is not very much like Chinese food. EVERYTHING is steamed, except for the soft drinks and the 35 different kinds of tea.  No egg roll, no fried rice, and no sweet and sour pork. You won’t miss them, trust me. And it’s HEALTHY food!

If you’ve ever had dim sum, little mouthfuls in a soft noodle covering, you’re getting warmer, but again at Ba Doy Ow, nothing is fried, everything is steamed.

Yi-Lan is the young owner and chef.  Tiffany joins her behind the counter most weekday mornings through lunch. They are both happy to explain the menu (multiple times without making you feel like an idiot) and they set the tone for one of the most friendly and welcoming establishments in Flint.

What should you order? Whatever is on special is a good bet. I’ve never had anything I didn’t like, plus it includes a tea or a soft drink. I’ve tried the rice and pork, bar-b-q noodles, steamed cabbage, bok choy, broccoli and garlic sauce, and more.

Bao, cabbage, and shumaiOn the far right of my tray you’re looking at a Red Bean Bau. A “bau” is something yummy in the middle of a soft covering. For sweet centers (red bean, taro)the outside of a bao is made of rice flour dough. Smaller baos have savory centers (mushroom, spinach, bar-b-q pork) and the outside is more noodle-like.  In the middle of my tray is steamed cabbage. On the right are shumai, open faced dumplings with meat or vegetables inside. I’m on a chicken shumai kick right now, alternating every once in a while with shrimp.

BaDoyOw dumplingYou’ll alway find steamed dumplings on the menu at Ba Doy Ow. You can get them in combination plates or 10 at a time like I do. Choices are pork and cucumber, pork and leek, pork and mushroom, pork and celery, pork and Nappa cabbage, and vegetables, or chicken.

Are you getting hungry? I am! How about lunch? Join me on Wednesday, October 7th for a quick STEAMED bite to eat. I’ll be at Ba Doy Ow at about noon. Here’s a little map.  See you there!

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5 thoughts on “Ba Doy Ow (That New Taiwanese Place)

  1. Everyone to whom I’ve recommended Ba Doy Ow loves it! And I’m sure they appreciate your “plug!” Hmmm, now I’M getting hungry…


  2. i have been there twice with my dad and I LOVE IT!
    they have such great food and great service.
    and you dont feel bad for eating there because it ising soaked in grease like other food chains . if you ever do go i definitely recommend their chicken dumplings and their flowers of Hawaii tea .


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