Walker Brother’s Pancake House

I gave up cooking, but I still like to eat. Kris Johnston took me to Walker Brothers for brunch on the way to the airport yesterday and suggested I order mini-version of their famous German Pancake called The Dutch Baby. Oh my goodness! Quoting from the menu, “it’s a thin and delicate plate-filling oven-baked pancake dusted with powdered sugar and served with lemon on the side.” It was as big as my head, a huge crater with 3″ walls, and filled with bananas and strawberries for only $2.95 additional. And light as a feather. I ate the whole thing.Walker Brother\'s Dutch Baby I’ve had mayonnaise on French fries (Holland) and salt on grapefruit (my husband’s favorite), but never lemon on pancakes. It was fabulous. Six great locations in metro Chicago. No, I don’t own stock but I’m considering it. I hear they have a mean Apple Pancake too, but I’m not messing with success.

6 thoughts on “Walker Brother’s Pancake House

  1. OMG, I LOVE those pancakes! And the apple one is even better. You just have to try it.

    I just found your blog today (only cause BettyD. told me about it)……so I’m way behind on commenting.

    annie in chicago


  2. Hi, Ami! It was such a treat having you here. I’m still getting such excited comments from the guild about YOU! We all enjoyed your lecture and I’m getting better at my ladder stitch.

    Your blog is such fun. I’m hoping the Bloggers Block stays away! Fine camera work, by the way. Walker Brothers should be sending you a commission. (But I shouldn’t have looked at the photo before breakfast… Tummy rumbles!)

    It was a pleasure to meet you last week. Happy spring! Kris


  3. Hi Ami!

    Love your books, newsletter, website and now blog! I keep reading that you’ve given up cooking. How does one go about doing that? I can’t seem to get away from it….. Do you have any tips to share? Guidelines to follow? Steps to take? I’m thinking that blowing up my kitchen is a little extreme and probably only temporary.




  4. Lemon (and sugar) is traditional on pancakes here in England on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). The pancakes are more like crepes, made with a half cup of flour and half cup of milk to each egg. Each pancake is about 10″ in diameter (depending on what size pan you use) and then either the sugar is sprinkled on the pancake and rolled, or else it’s rolled first and then sprinkled with sugar and lemon squeezed over.


  5. Ohmygosh, those apple pancakes are the best. We can’t get them out here in Wyoming, but every time I go back to Chicago for a visit, that’s tops on my list of good food to eat. I was just at Walker Bros. last month enjoying an apple pancake (big enuf for 2 meals!)


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