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What Not To Wear

Love the pantsOnce I get dressed in the morning I stay that way. I don’t change clothes if I can help it until I’m ready to get into my jammies.

Fabric dying was on the agenda a few weeks ago, so on went the old dye-splattered jeans and speckled tennis shoes. The sweat shirt was one Mom made for me years ago and that came off for the dying because I certainly wouldn’t want to get THAT messed up.

And then Debbie and I had to go get something at Office Max. Oh well. I didn’t see anybody I knew.

Debbie did see someone SHE knew and snapped this attractive picture of me!

Ami has underpants to match.So what was I dying? I was experimenting with subtle value gradations, trying to create “whole cloth” fabric that didn’t require marking.  An elegant solution, I thought, to all the time spent marking.  Maybe if I didn’t have to spend hours pushing the chalk pencil I could change clothes.  Maybe not. I could change earrings?  That’s do-able.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to own an original Ami, the price is right. These are one-of-a-kind, so don’t delay.

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May 21, 2009 at 12:55 pm 8 comments

New Snack Craze

Fried TwinkiesOK. Now I’ve seen everything. A local fast food place that I frequent for their tasty, grilled chicken-on-a-pita sandwich and the occasional order of fries has a new item on the menu:  FRIED TWINKIES!

Who thought this up?! Twinkies may be the only food that isn’t biodegradable and whose nutritional value is only slightly higher than the wrapper it comes in, but this is just wrong.

About every five years I buy a Twinkies 2-pack at the gas station, known for their healthful cuisine, as I remember and celebrate my youth.  (This would be the same youth in which I indulged a similar gastronomic delicacy:  school glue.) Admittedly, the chemically colored “cake” and processed cream filling are a yummy treat. 

FriedBut I am an adult now, and while I may not be able to pronounce all the ingredients on the Twinkies label, I do know that I can probably do better by snacking on fruits and vegetables. 

Thank goodness!The irony of it all hit me when I saw the sign. Whew, no transfats!  Thank goodness. I wonder how many people reversed out of the drive-thru in a huff before this “healthy” sign appeared? We are nothing if we are not politically correct.

Aw, what the heck. Gimme a fried Twinkie and a diet Coke.

May 19, 2009 at 8:02 pm 45 comments

The Things I Learn…

Pin Catcher Donna Robertson from Dallas, TX shared a great way to carry pins to a workshop this last week-end. She took her favorite little tin with a hinged lid and threw in a Needle Nanny and a silica gel pack.

The Needle Nanny is a magnet you can wear to keep track of your needles. Any magnet will work for a pin tin, but Donna likes the Needle Nanny because its thickness makes the pins easier to grab. Silica packets come with most electronics and absorb moisture (so the pins won’t rust).

Should you knock your pin tin off your table in class, most of the pins will stay in. Those that don’t, are easily retrieved by passing the tin (with magnet) over the area where they scattered. So are stray needles (with and without thread) and the occasional staple.With moe pins

Surprisingly, you can keep quite a few pins in the tin!

Donna also uses a Wahl compact cordless trimmer to rip seams.  Wahl "seam ripper" More on that as soon as I get one of my own and get some good photos for you. I will tell you that Wahl assumes you’re going to be trimming beards or sideburns with this baby. Don’t tell them otherwise; they might raise the price!

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May 12, 2009 at 7:06 am 16 comments

Taking Myself For A Walk

The warm weather is back.  I’m an all weather dog. I like warming myself in the sun and I like resting my somewhat hairless underside in a nice patch of  snow too.  Either way; doesn’t matter.

Mom hates winter. She’s not too fond of summer either. She finds fall depressing because it’s only going to get colder. Spring is good. She likes spring. If it’s not too cold or too hot. Seventy-one degrees and she morphs into an Outdoorsy Woman. Until the wind blows. Then she whines.

Now that Mom can stand to walk outside, I get to come to the Mall too. I find this very exciting. I am very good at walking. We just go in the parking lot around the outside edge of the Mall, but away from traffic. Unless it’s too cold then we cut some parts out and walk closer to the buildings.

Mom sometimes gets tired of holding my leash. Sometimes she makes Debbie hold it. Most of the time she let’s me walk myself.

Taking myself for a walk

Mom cut off my tail with the camera in this candid shot. She’s so inept with technological things.

Here’s a better view where you can see my tail. I am wagging.

See my tail?

Mom rarely photographs my best side. Out the four sides that I have, my rear is my favorite part of me. I have a beautiful butt with long flowing golden retriever feathers.  If you even come over to see me I will back up into you (so you can see my rear) and then turn around and look at us. I am very flexible.

If you’re curious, I always “go” before I leave home. Mom taught me to pee and poop on command. Mom always has “dog bags” in the car just in case, but I don’t leave presents unless I’m told to. When we go overnight someplace, Mom says I can leave some; so I do. Mom always picks them up. But sometimes there’s no place to put my presents so Mom takes them home to throw away.

Clever, isn't she?

Mom would like to take this opportunity to apologize most profusely to any citizens driving down Miller Road about 4 years ago when it started to rain that one day when she forgot we were hauling presents. We’re very sorry. Very sorry indeed.

Oh, in case you can’t read the sticker on the car, it says:

My Golden Retriever is smarter than your Honor Student.

(Can’t say the same for Mom.)

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May 7, 2009 at 7:08 am 27 comments

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