The Farmers’ Market

Flint Farmer's MarketLast week we re-discovered the Flint Farmers’ Market. What a blast!

It was a beautiful late summer day, the sun was out, and the parking lot was FULL!

I bought tomatoes for some authentic Italian bruschetta:  diced tomatoes, 5 cloves of garlic, salt, fresh basil, olive oil all dumped on  a hot-out-of-the-oven pizza dough. Not that I cook any more, but I just had a taste for it.  (We ate the entire thing in one sitting.)

Fresh peachesWe also picked up an avocado, and three pounds of fresh strawberries for $5. The perfume of all those ripe strawberries on the way home was almost more than I could stand, but I did wait until we got home to dive in.

I had a juicy peach every morning for breakfast all week, leaning over the sink, so the juice wouldn’t run down my arm. The “Peach Lady” picked them in various stages of ripeness for me. Small ones right away, large ones later. That’s taking care of your customers.

The best ribs (and chicken too).I haven’t had great ribs since the PX Bar-B-Q closed. Ribs used to be a New Year’s Eve tradition, and about the only time we ever ate ribs. I don’t know how that tradition got started, but half the city of Flint was at the PX picking up take-out orders on New Year’s Eve. My nose led me to the best ribs I’ve had in a decade with just the right mixture of sweet and tang. My mouth is watering again. Thank goodness they do chicken too.

I think I’m up for a repeat visit. See you later…

PS: Flint’s Farmers Market was just named “most loved” in national online contest. Way to go, Flint!

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12 thoughts on “The Farmers’ Market

  1. YUM!!! I am so envious! Fresh strawberries, hand-selected ripe peaches, and RIBS.

    No fair sending out food emails before breakfast!

    LOL, Judy


  2. Wow, I’m ready to come to MI to shop at the Farmer’s Market! I’ve never been to the one here in town (La Jolla CA) but you’ve increased my resolve to do that. And Michigan peaches! Who knew?! Here I thought GA had that market cornered. Will wonders ever cease??!! :-D


  3. Where is the market located? I live in Vassar and would love to drive over there and check it out -especially the ribs!

    Right off 475, near the main post office. Come on down!


    1. Exit Robert T Longway, off the I-475, turn right at first intersection and follow the traffic. Open Tues/Thurs/Sat 6a.m. to about 4 p.m, year-round.

      And do plan to have breakfast or lunch sometime at Steady Eddie’s upstairs. And do drop by the bakery. Best croissants this side of Paris! I now live in Arizona and make it a point to go to the Flint City Market every time I’m back visiting. Reading Ami’s post made me want to get on a plane for that overdue visit!


  4. Ami, There is a tradition that the first meal of the New Year should be pork–so maybe that’s what the ribs were about. I am grew up south of Detroit with a mom of Polish and German descent, so that might be where it’s from. Or maybe not–who knows.


  5. My mouth is watering – our peaches are gone locally and the tomatoes don’t look too sweet but I got some anyway as our garden is also gone. Send me some bruschetta!


  6. Yummy, our Farmers market still has lovely strawberries, white corn and green beans. But no ones does ribs! So I have to do them myself, its one of our summer specials with the whole family a couple of times between memorial day and Labor day. Here’s the easy way, throw a couple of racks cut in half (2-5 depending on the crowd) in roaster, on a rack and covered at 325 for 90-100 minutes. Then either throw on the grill for 10 minutes with the sauce of your choice or refrigerate until your ready to grill, takes a little longer. No flare ups and they fall off the bone!


  7. I love our local Saturday morning Farmer’s Market here in Bloomington, MN. Between the smells of fresh herbs, brats on a grill, and fresh bread, I get distracted from the corn, tomatoes, and cucumbers that I went there for! One guy was selling a huge selection of iris bulbs last time, and some other folks had huge, beautiful bouquets of fresh cut flowers for $5.00! I’m whining A LOT that today is the last day of summer.


  8. Thanks for sharing your visit to the farmers market. The best one I ever went to was in Ann Arbor in
    the early 1980s for the five years we lived there. I have lived in eight states and have not found any
    better since. I am in DFW now and the food situation is awful even though TX was into organic early
    on with CA and OR. I don’t need organic, just local fruit SO I CAN GET A DECENT PEACH!
    You are so lucky,


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