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Zipper Necklaces Are BACK!

It’s been a long time coming, but Zipper Necklaces are back!

OK, they were back! We just sold out of our entire stock in 17 hours! I’ve placed another order. The Zipper Necklaces will be in my hands by the end of December and in your hands (if you order now) by the end of the first week in January.

I saw my first one back in 2004 around a quilter’s neck. I was so excited!  (It zips up and down and everything!) It was all I could do not to knock the poor woman down and take it from her right then and there.  

I did restrain myself, found the supplier, and sold them for a year or two until the supplier ran out.

Earlier this spring the supplier happened to find another box and they were on the web page again. Then the source completely dried up.

Long story short, I found a company in China to make them for me. They’ve just arrived.

The zipper pull is more attractive and it slides more easily than the original. It’s still made out of the cheapest metal known to man, but it won’t turn your next green. I tested it on my neck and so far so good. (Click on the pictures to see larger pictures.)

This is the most fun necklace you’ll ever wear. Aside from the fact that you can always zip and unzip at will, it’s a real attention getter. It’s a great way to find other quilters out in the “real” world. They’ll ask you where you got your cool necklace.

I have a special deal for you from now until December 5th: Buy 4 and I’ll throw in the 5th necklace for FREE! Outstanding! (Pretty, too.)

I also just put up 10 NEW pair of earrings in time for holiday giving.  WE DO HAVE THESE! You just can’t find better gifts for friends that share our passion for quilting (or for yourself). With deals like these you can afford to be very generous!



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Ami :)

November 29, 2010 at 11:54 pm 3 comments

Vote For Madison!

Vote for Madison!

That would be me, Madison T. Dog.

I hate to be so bold as to suggest this, but my Mom said I should write and ask you to vote for me because I am deserving and handsome. My “furless sister” Jennie took this terrific picture of me just before all the leaves blew away.

Voting is really easy. You don’t have to sign up for an account for anything. You just click and vote and it counts your vote right away which is very nice because dogs don’t like to wait on the counting part. Vote here:

If I win there is a trip to Aruba involved. It’s probably not for dogs, but if I have to give away my ticket to someone, I’m holding out on announcing who will get it until I can accumulate some kibble from the interested parties.

The picture above is the original. The Purina people apparently like “landscape” not “portrait,” so we had to crop. I still think I look OK even thought there is slightly less of me in the picture you vote on.

Please tell your friends to vote for me also. I will send a postcard from Aruba if I win. Voting is here, in case you forgot:

Mom already tried to vote twice. I like her spunk. If you would like to vote twice, you have to use another computer for the second vote. If you have another computer, or maybe a smart phone, you should vote for there too, unless that is against the rules.

I’m going to press some fabric with my rump now because Mom left some on the floor and that’s my job. I’m fairly all excited about the contest, never having been in one before, I will try not to get my hopes up. I still plan on asking Mom to check the web site every 14 minutes to see how many votes I have now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanking you kindly,
Your friend,

November 24, 2010 at 8:13 pm 7 comments

Funky Colored Denim And A Big MESS!

This is the before picture. I don’t think you’re going to see an “after” picture for quite a while. Notice the place on the carpet where I stand (no scraps)? I confess, I am a true slob.

(You can click the picture to see exactly how big a slob I am.)

Still, I’m pretty happy about the whole state of affairs. You see, I’ve been collecting funky colored jeans for at least a decade, and I finally came up with something to do with them!

I am making denim badge holders! 

By time you read this all of the AAQI Board Members in Houston will be wearing them around their necks, displaying the International Quilt Festival Exhibitor Badge (our ticket to get in to the Exhibit Hall) in the cute little plastic pocket on the front.

Inside is a large pocket, on the back are two more pockets, and some of the Badge Holders even have the AAQI logo, tagline, and web page on the front flap. (I used all the leftover ones we had from labeling the “Name Quilts” for the new exhibit.)

The front flap is really a pocket! I've already gotten rid of that little bit of thread sitting on the "Raising."I am SO pleased with myself. I just knew that some day I would find a use for the funky colored pants! (It’s OK, I still have about 97 pounds more.)

We have seven of us board members. But I had about 15 fabric logos left, so I made more Badge Holders than we have board members. And then I didn’t count so well and had lots of leftover parts and made about three times as many as I needed. Since I ran out of the logo fabric, some of the extra ones are just “plain.”

Now I need your help. I want to donate all the extra ones to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative and sell them at Festival. Am I silly? Would anybody even want one? More importantly, how much would they pay for one?!

In the comment section please tell me what I should charge. I need to know by 5 p.m. on Wednesday. That’s when the Sneak Preview opens and we start selling the 1,000 quilts, and hopefully one or two of these little badge holders. ( Exhibit Hall, Row S. —Tell your friends.) Did I mention I made them myself? And it was hard. (Wiping back of hand across brow…) And I still have to clean up the mess!

Seriously, what’s a good price. It’s for charity.

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November 3, 2010 at 5:51 am 28 comments

Ami Simms

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