Quilters Finance Alzheimer’s Discovery!

With $30,000 from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative researchers at the University of Michigan were able to create new molecular tools that show promise for cleansing the brain of amyloid plaques, implicated in Alzheimer's disease!  The plaques — a hallmark of  the disease —are thought to contribute to cell death, leading to devastating  memory loss and cognitive … Continue reading Quilters Finance Alzheimer’s Discovery!

Mall Walkers Gather To Sing Happy Birthday

It was one of those moments that gives you goosebumps and a lump in your throat. Arlene is a petite woman with gray curly hair who sits in the grouping of chairs between center court and Macy's at Genesee Valley Center in Flint, Michigan every weekday morning. She smiles and waves at all the "mall walkers" who pass by.  … Continue reading Mall Walkers Gather To Sing Happy Birthday