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Piecing Sticky Template Plastic

Carol's Bear Family

Baby Bear from Carol’s Zoo

Piecing Sticky Template Plastic couldn’t be easier. And that’s great because once you use Sticky Template Plastic for small shapes, you’re going to want to use it on large shapes too.

I just finished making Carol Cruise’s Baby Bear ( and thought I’d show you how to piece Sticky Template Plastic for the larger Mama Bear pattern, with Carol’s permission, of course.

Step 1:  Iron the paper pattern on low heat. You will still be able to see and feel the fold lines because Carol uses sturdy paper for her patterns but it’s important to iron the creases out and make the paper FLAT.

02Step 2:  See how many sheets of Sticky Template Plastic you need. It looks like I can do this pattern with 3 sheets and a small piece leftover Sticky Template Plastic from another project. I want to make sure I cover every bit of the design.

Click the images to see them larger.

03Step 3:  For small shapes the release paper is removed and the Sticky Template Plastic is placed sticky side up on a flat surface. For larger shapes and multiple pieces of Sticky Template Plastic, the pattern is on the flat surface, right side up.

Peel the release paper off the first sheet of Sticky Template Plastic and place it on the pattern. Make sure you know exactly where it needs to go before you lower it onto the paper pattern. ( Line it up by looking at the top and the left side of the pattern.)

04Step 4:  Remove the release paper from the next sheet of Sticky Template Plastic. Hold it at an angle against the edge of the piece already in place with just the edge touching, not the sticky surface. Make sure the edges align at the sides as well. Then, lower the rest of the second sheet onto the pattern.

05Step 5:  Peel and stick the next sheet of Sticky Template Plastic, holding it an an angle against the edge of the sheets already stuck to the pattern.  Lower it to the pattern.


06Step 6:  Here’s my scrap piece of Sticky Template Plastic. It was a “corner” so I knew it was a perfect right angle with two straight sides. If it wasn’t a corner I would have made sure that the left side, the side touching the previously placed sheet of Sticky Template Plastic, was perfectly straight. Notice that I dropped it down a little. Because there was space between the back and the front pattern pieces, no sense wasting the Sticky Template Plastic. I also had slid a corner of the release paper underneath as I placed the sheet in Step 5, again so as to have some leftovers for other projects. You can see the release paper way over on the right.

07Step 7:  To keep the entire template (composed of several pieces of Sticky Template Plastic) rigid, cut scraps of Stitch Template Plastic about 1/2″ wide and stick them over the “seam.” They don’t need to cover the entire seam. (The other lines you see in the image are fold lines. Those are secure under the Sticky Template Plastic.)  The joins won’t interfere with the performance of the template in any way, in fact they may help when templates are flipped over to cut the reverse shape (for the other side of the bear) because they will keep the slippery side of the plastic from sliding on the fabric. If you want the template to fold (so you can store it more easily) skip this step. Just know that over time the original paper pattern will tear at the fold. And, the more pieces of Sticky Template Plastic you use, the more difficult it will be to fold.

08Step 8:  Now all I have to do is cut out the pattern pieces!


 Sticky Template Plastic isn’t available in stores yet, but you can order it directly from me


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April 17, 2014 at 9:23 am 10 comments

I’m Going to Be A GRANDMOTHER!

 ultrI’ve been sworn to secrecy until today, but now I get to spill the beans: I’m going to be a grandmother!

Our daughter Jennie and her husband Craig are expecting their first child in October. That would be our first grandchild. Just call me Grandma.

Let me first say that Babies R Us has seriously missed the boat with their lack of gender-unknown clothing selections. Within hours of receiving the news (that of which I could not speak until today) I drove right over to Babies R Us. Time to change the store’s name to Frustrated B Me. There were racks and racks of “girl baby” clothes and racks and racks of “boy baby” clothes, but there wasn’t even a section for “we won’t know until it’s born” clothes. I literally bought everything there was in the whole store for “either or” gender, size 3 months and under and I carried it out in one bag. Apparently ducks are big if you’re waiting to be surprised.

Baby’s ultrasound was the first photographs of my grandchild. (Excuse me, of Jennie and Craig’s baby.) I was as mystified by the ultrasound as I was by Babies R Us. I pretended to see the little head, and the little limbs. It wasn’t until Jennie told me where to zoom in (3 weeks later) that I could actually see these things.

I am following along on my What To Expect iPhone app and we are now in Week 12, Day 6. Never having been pregnant, I find this all totally amazing. The baby has grown from poppy seed to blueberry, to raspberry, to green olive, to prune, to large plum, and now to peach! I’m guessing that grapefruit it next.

Baby HatsAfter the disappointing visit to Babies R Us, I hit JoAnn’s to check out the patterns. Not a single long sleeved, footed sleeper with the zipper that runs from neck to crotch and then down one leg. I checked all the pattern books. I’m just going to have to reverse engineer one! I did meet a woman at the airport who showed me how to knit baby hats on a loom. I think I’ve made 27 so far. Poor little kid has nothing to wear but hats!

I think I’m OK in the quilt department, but I’m going to need your help with other things I can sew, along with your coolest ideas for baby shower stuff. I probably won’t have a chance to moderate/read your comments until Wednesday, but please share all your good baby advice where it says COMMENT.

Ami Simms

April 6, 2014 at 10:00 pm 357 comments

Ami Simms

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