Play With Your Buffet

I may have mentioned this before, but we go out to eat a lot, mostly because I refuse to cook. As Debbie, Steve, and I were enjoying lunch at the Chinese Buffet a few weeks ago, Steve came back to the table with all RED food. He had those bananas in a sweet red sauce (which are about as Chinese as the chocolate pudding they serve) and some watermelon, and something else I can’t remember. It was very pretty and so I thought I’d take my camera the next time.

Aren’t the colors and shapes pretty?

Now it’s YOUR TURN. Take a camera to lunch. Or dinner. Shoot your food. If somebody with a Flickr account will volunteer to collect the photos for me and upload them, I’ll link. (Volunteer by way of a comment to this blog.) By sharing we can all admore your sense of color, understanding of good composition, appreciation for juxtoposition, and your ability to hold the camera steady and not make the rest of us lose our lunch. HINT: to get the best exposure, STAND UP. That way all the other diners will know where the flash is coming from. Seriously, if you sit, you’ll be too close and your flash will wash out the food.

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3 thoughts on “Play With Your Buffet

  1. I just found your site and fell in love w/the stash pictures!!!
    The only thing sicker than my stash is my enjoyment of viewing other’s stashes, and the next sickest was recognizing some of my own fabrics. LOL LOL I’m still laughing. Thanks!

    Go here to see what she’s talking about. ~~ Ami


  2. I have blogging friends who regularly take photos of their plates–enough that last Sept., when I had only been blogging for 3 months, I was kicking myself for not snapping pics of our plates on a dinner theater train. Not so crazy!

    BTW, there is a newer version of the “Happy Dance” video. Matt Harding got so many emails from people all over the world, that Stride gum sponsored another trip for him, and he invited his emailing fans to join him in their cities. It’s a winner in my book, and it makes me smile every time I watch it:


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