Raffle Quilt Supports AAQI

Jannett Caldwell's quilt, "Losing My Mind A Piece At A Time" which appears on pages 34-35 of Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece. She helped make another quilt pictured here. Shirley Pierce pieced the blocks and Jannett set them together and, with some members of the Kennet High School graduating class of 1963, quilted it. The … Continue reading Raffle Quilt Supports AAQI

Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild Challenge 2008

Trinity Valley Quilters' Guild of Ft. Worth, TX held their quilt show last week-end. Guild members challenged each other to create Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Fifty-nine guild members created 112 little quilts! The local chapter of the Embroiderer's Guild (EGA) added 21 quilts that were made by 10 of their … Continue reading Trinity Valley Quilters’ Guild Challenge 2008

Thank You For Remembering!

Special thanks to Zach Beane of wigflip.com for creating the picture generator for the Virtual Quilt Patch project. Nearly 1,000 people created Virtual Quilt Patches and displayed them in their emails, webpages, and blogs. The patches were seen by more than 18,000 people! My thanks go out to everyone who remembered their loved ones in a more … Continue reading Thank You For Remembering!

Finally! A Way To Use Up Those Stupid Twisted Sisters Leftovers!

Every Twisted Sisters workshop as we seam, chunk, wedge, and piece, invariably someone, or some-two, or -three people ask the dreaded question: "What can we do with those little pieces we cut off?" I reply: "The ones that are less than 4" long, half an inch wide, and taper down to nothing? The ones that … Continue reading Finally! A Way To Use Up Those Stupid Twisted Sisters Leftovers!

Goshen, Indiana

I just returned from Goshen, Indiana where Madison and I were invited to give the keynote speech for Greencroft Goshen's 20thAnnual Alzheimer's Seminar. Afterwards Madison helped me tell how service dogs can help people with Alzheimer's in the break-out session. This was in conjunction with the "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" exhibit which was displayed … Continue reading Goshen, Indiana