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Scooter Simms Update

Everybody who meets me loves me. I am loveable.

I am progressing in my training of obedience and well-behavedness. This is important to Mom, so I try. Some days I am very trying.

I no longer snuggle the backside of the toilet. Instead of threading myself between the throne and the tile wall behind it (“flossing” it with my fur) I now curl in a small ball in front of the toilet. While it is a fountain, I am no longer drinking out of it. Mom said both of these things were important if I ever wanted to be petted again or give her kisses on the face.

I can walk on a leash now. I don’t yank, but I sometimes step on Mom’s feet. They are, after all, quite large and difficult to avoid.

I love walks and I get so excited I sometimes break things in anticipation. Like this plug which I ran into with my rump while I was spinning with enthusiasm for all things outdoors. (Mom said to tell you that the quilt is straight, the plug is cock-eyed.)

I now sleep with Mom and Dad. Before I retreated to my spot behind the toilet. Mom had hurt feelings.

Sleeping is upstairs and stairs are frightening at night. At least they were. I’ve gotten over it, but don’t tell Mom. I insist on a treat to go up to night-night. Before she give me the treat I sit at the foot of the bed, then she says up-up and I hop in and take my place on the edge. I spend the rest of the night working my way to the middle.

I am a very good sleeper. I sleep with my feet straight up, or folded in so I can cuddle Mom. Dad would prefer that I go back to sleeping with the toilet, but he loves Mom a lot. Sometimes I stick my feet on Mom’s head. She touches my paw and I remember to fold them up again. I love Mom too.

I love jumping into cars better. Any cars. Ours or anybody else’s. Bring your car over and I’ll show you. Then you can take me for a ride. I also like squirrel and rabbit presents. Tasty.

I have never eaten, chewed, or played with any of Mom’s stuff that she leaves lying around the house. Looks like a tornado went through most of the time, but I know all things not given to me specifically are off-limits. No “accidents” either. Not a one.

I also love baths and you can brush me any time.

I still have major issues with things that move. I wag, bark, and lunge. I’m getting better with cars and people. People getting out of cars makes me bark. I don’t know why. Squirrels, cats, and especially other dogs on leashes make me wild. We don’t know if I am happy wild or anxious wild or terrified wild because I am barking too loudly to tell. My eyes roll all the way back in my head when I bark and I just can’t stop. I bark at all these things when we walk, when they go by the window, and when they are on TV. Mom and Dad are afraid if they don’t switch the channel I will attempt to enter the TV.

Lately Mom can’t make me be quiet so I have lost window privileges. She covered the slidy-door with duct tape so I can’t see out and when I can’t control myself she covers the windows with big pieces of plastic and Styrofoam. That’s why we have a snow shovel and a step-ladder in the hallway, it’s to keep the window things up. Sigh. I hope to learn to climb the ladder soon. I’m sure I could move the snow shovel if I tried. Poor Mom.

Mom and I are working with a trainer. We go up to things that make me nuts and then we go away from them. Come and go, closer and closer until I stop with the barking. I am getting better. Mom says I’m nowhere near ready for prime time.

Mom had this great idea that I might be less nutso if I wore one of her shirts when we go for a walk. A tight shirt on me might make me feel better. Personally, I don’t know if humiliation is a recognized training technique, but I wore one of her long sleeve T-shirts yesterday and today. Apparently we are the same size, except my chest is bigger. (Everybody’s chest is bigger.)

Mom says I was better. I barked once at a squirrel right outside our door (couldn’t help it) but then I “let it go.” I also tried very hard to ignore two other squirrels and the yappy dog in the house down the street. If I barked they would surely see me and realize how stupid I looked in a women’s long-sleeved T-shirt! So I was quiet.

That’s it for my update. If you haven’t friended me on FaceBook, you should. I am very entertaining and I share a lot of pictures there.

Mom is going to write the next blog in a few days about sewing or something. It should be just as boring as it sounds. But read it anyway because she’s the one in charge of my kibble.

Please leave me a comment because I love those and I don’t bark at them. If you get this blog as an email, don’t hit reply. Click the blue word COMMENT, otherwise it won’t get here where I can read it.

If you leave a comment, you can watch my new video.

Love Scooter

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