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Be My Friend!

Scooter here.  Big news about me, which is the best kind.

I am on FaceBook.

Yup, and if you all friend me, I’ll have more friends than Mom! Do it. C’mon.

I am learning many things, like how to open the screen door and let myself outside. Mom says I have to stop that.

I can also open the bathroom door and let myself in. Like when somebody is in there. I have to stop that too.

I am still learning not to bark at other dogs, cats, birds, large insects, squirrels, people with bags, large trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, neighbors, and children.  Mom says if I ever want to go cool places I have to stop that too.

Mom is very patient.

She marches me toward whatever I want to bark at and then as soon as I bark she hauls my sorry carcass in the other direction. Then we try it again. Each time we get closer and closer until I can walk by without barking at all. Whining is OK.

Yesterday we walked in the neighborhood and I was perfect. Until we passed the two statue dogs. They are real dogs, but they are very well-trained and don’t move at all. They are real dogs ’cause I saw one pee. So I barked.  ABOUT FACE!

Then we met the two yappy dogs behind the fence. They bark really loud and jump so much they make dust clouds. I barked back in joyous salutation and partial terror. ABOUT FACE!

Up ahead I saw the black dog without a person and a loose toddler. I barked very hard trying to figure out which was more frightening. ABOUT FACE!

By time we were done I didn’t bark at nobody. We walked by everybody and I was very good. My goodness only lasts about 24 hours, but like I said Mom is very patient.

Mom is writing her newsletter right now. She’ll be back here soon. Don’t forget about FaceBook.

Meanwhile, you can watch my video.

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Ami Simms

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