Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, I know bagels. After Mom moved in with us we would drive back to the old neighborhood to buy bagels: 120+ miles roundtrip. (We bought 3 dozen at a time and froze them. Sacrilege, but what could I do?)

Quite the versatile food group, bagels are. Fresh with lox, cream cheese, and lemon; toasted with butter; or peanut butter. Broiled with melted cheese…

I also like a toasted bagel with a fried egg on top, but this can be problematic. It is the very definition of the “square peg in the round hole.” More to the point, it’s a lot of egg yolk falling through the hole in the bagel. 

The only way around the hole-in-the-bagel dilemma is to make a closed-hole bagel. (Heaven forbid!) Or, to cook the egg to match the bagel! 

 This is not as easy as it look. Therefore I would like someone to INVENT a cooking tool that would automatically make a hole in the egg to match the bagel. Perhaps a heavy, metal cone-shaped structure that sits in the frying pan. One would crack the egg on the tip. The egg would drip down around the cone and cook with a premeditated hole in the center. Or, the dumb metal cone would heat up and the egg would cook on the way down and you’d have to bit the egg off of it and throw away the bagel. OK, scrap that idea and get to work on something else, would ya?

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6 thoughts on “Bagels

  1. How bout this? You could use your cone idea, and start with a cold pan. Eggs would still cook ok.

    The egg around the cold cone, and then cooked.

    NOW you’d need a “cone remover” cause it would be hot. I think this is still workable tho. *S*


  2. They make square bagels now! I think only one company, Thomas’s Square bagels. They come in two flavors: Plain and Onion with Everything. They are great for making sandwiches in general. Now all you have to do is make a square egg. That might be easier then making a matching hole for each bagel, eh?
    Hope all is well with you, Madison, and your parents and sister, Jennie. Please give a nice wet lick to Uncle Buddy and Aunt Elaine when you get to Jupiter. You can also give nice wet ones to all the cousins too! I hope you get those 4 more bookings for lectures on the way down.
    Lots of Love to you and your family,
    Cousin Kim

    SQUARE BAGELS? No hole?! Isn’t that against the law? ~Ami :)


  3. How come you never made that for me?? :)

    Made WHAT for you? This is restaurant food. Plopping it on the plate myself was enough work! But I HAVE cooked for you sweet child. Don’t you remember your 10th birthday when I cooked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on two kinds of bread? (brown and white) And then I cut them and arranged them on a baking sheet so they would look like Ohio Stars when I served them to you and your friends? (OK, so she’s 24. It’s a long time ago.) ~~Ami (a.k.a. Mom)


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