The Drawer in the Hall

One link led to another and I found myself on a real estate website with a search box. On a whim, I entered the address of the house where I grew up. We lived on Marlow Street from the time of my earliest childhood memories until the summer before I started 4th grade. It was … Continue reading The Drawer in the Hall

7 Great iPhone Tricks

I'm a fan. I love my iPhone. I text, check email, take pictures, edit movies, use it to MapQuest from point A to point B, and, oh yeah, I make calls on it too.  Here are my favorite tricks: 1. Flashing Light You probably know how to assign ringtones and get your phone to vibrate, … Continue reading 7 Great iPhone Tricks

As Luck Would Have It

I love when the universe conspires to make me happy. First I discovered my new favorite chocolate. It was part of a goodie bag prepared for me by the Program Chair at the East Cobb Quilting Guild in Marietta, GA two weeks ago. Hotel Snackage. It was so delicious I took a picture of the wrapper, the … Continue reading As Luck Would Have It

The Dress (More Than You Ever Wanted To Know)

I started looking for my Mother-0f-the-Bride dress in February and on the first day (after about a dozen stores) I found it. The price tag was $650.  I tried it on anyway, loved it, and heard my mouth explain to my friend Susan that "I could make this." Susan and I have been friends since grade … Continue reading The Dress (More Than You Ever Wanted To Know)

It’s Official! They’re Married!

Jennie and Craig were married yesterday afternoon in a beautiful outdoor ceremony surrounded by their immediate families at a bed & breakfast in South Haven, Michigan. They planned every detail and it was beyond perfect. Even the weather cooperated with sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70's with a soft breeze. Steve and I walked our … Continue reading It’s Official! They’re Married!

Waiting for the Repair Guy with an iPhone

I'm a busy woman. Lot's to do. Last week our garage door broke, the lawn tractor died, and the cable went out. Everybody but Sears was willing to believe me when I said I'd be home at the appointed time. Sears had to call and speak to a real person before they would drive over. The … Continue reading Waiting for the Repair Guy with an iPhone