And We Helped!

Madison T. Dog here. Mom’s been procrastinating, so I thought I’d take things into my own paws until she’s ready to blog again.  Please bring your furry friends over to the computer as this post is for them. (You can read it too.)

The photos below are of all the dogs and cats who helped raise money for Alzheimer’s research for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative while all the people were at the International Quilt Festival in Houston last year. Remember my Great Idea?

animalsagainstalzheimersArlo has his head in a hole in the backyard looking for coins he planted there last spring, Gray Souffle has her head under the mattress looking for mad money, and Jackie is resting after going through her Mom’s purse.

Here are the rest of the pictures you sent in. I nearly lost my dew claw sizing these things to fit all together. I had no idea Photo-Shop was so canine-NOT-friendly.  I think I could make a patchwork quilt now!


I couldn’t be any more proud of you all for sniffing out donations for the AAQI and getting your people to send them in.  I thank you from the tip of my extraordinarily beautiful tail all the way to my wet nose for your help.  Please tell each and every one of your people how special they are.   If they were nearby and sitting in a chair with their legs crossed, I would very gently put my fore-paw around their ankle like I was shaking their hand.  It’s the best that I can do because Mom says I’m not allowed to jump on people, put my paws on their shoulders and plant a big wet one on their mouth.

I’m going to go put my cold nose under Mom’s armpit as a sign of my deep affection for her and as a little thank-you for her letting me blog today, and them I’m going to go take a nap.


18 thoughts on “And We Helped!

  1. Dear Madison, You did a great job and I loved the pet pictures, too. I don’t blog usually–but wanted you to know how important it is for you to stay close to mom right now. You won’t have to fetch or roll over or do any tricks, and especially not the cold nose in the armpit again for awhile. She just appreciates your being close by and not asking questions too much, like “why are you crying?” Sometimes it’s just good to sit by her side and quietly cry with her for a few minutes. This usually makes my mom smile when she’s sad, and I get a nice soft pat on the head. And later, a cookie bone, too. Hugs, LaKota (Yes, I’m a dog , too, and live here with mom, dad, and my kitty sister.)


  2. Ami is so lucky to share your home with her. You are just THE BEST!
    I don’t know whether you could get into a movie house as a service dog, but if you can manage it, I want to highly recomment that you take Ami and the family to see the movie “Marley and Me”. I am sure you will all love it.


  3. dearest Madison, my grampa put over 400 flyers/donation forms in our December mailing to his military retiree group. We had lost some members over the years to A, and mama told grampa he hadda help too. So we did!!! Mama’s gonna put a link on our web page too. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, Misty, (and thanks for not licking me, I think your tongue would be too big.)


  4. Welcome back Madison……things must have been so hard for you also……
    Your Mom really is so blessed to have you.

    You did a A-1 job with the pictures…and I know I really appreciate all the hard work you put into doing it.

    Things are headed up……..but you already know that. While you’re sharing paw hugs with your Mom, give her one for me also.


  5. Great job with the photos, Madison T. Dog — you’re as talented as your Mom! Well, almost!

    I hope you know what a comfort you are to her. Stay close and some day soon, her sadness will turn to gentle smiles.


  6. Hi Madison,
    Mom made me come in and read your blog. I was having a great time eating the bird seed that falls on the ground on top of the new snow we have here in NH. I’m glad that she did as you have some great pictures. Give your mom a big wet one for me as she has helped me and my family get thru losing my big Golden brother at the same time she lost her mom. He was really great at chasing the “squirrelies” away from the bird feeders. He even chased the really big ones that come around in the spring. Thanks for all that you do, Madison.
    Love, Feather the Golden Diva


  7. Madison, Our house does not have a pet right now but I am thinking of checking out a rescue dog to keep my husband and I company. Take good care of Ami and her famiy. Many folks love her and the pictures of her friends animals are great to look at. Thanks for doing all that workd. Nancy


  8. Madison,
    You are doing really good. Next time, use your wet nose to move things, as I find it works really well when I want my owners to move!
    Don’t forget to hang around mom and the rest of your pack. They need you now more than ever.
    I am lying under the table with Chris and her laptop. I have my chew ring with me and take a nibble now and then. It’s too big for one eating so I have to pace myself.
    Spencer the Newfoundland


  9. Hi Madison–
    Good job filling in for mom and showing us some of your friends who are helping the cause. I am helping too–in my own small way. Keep up the good work helping mom through such a tough time.



  10. Ahhh, Madison, you are an angel dog with furry covering. How sweet the pictures were. I’m so glad that you are there for Ami and you probably bring her more joy than you could ever imagine. Thank you for taking such good care of our special friend. Just nudge her once in a while to reminder her that people are still praying for her and thinking about her. Unfortunately at this time, I don’t have a doggy or kitty but would want one just like you if I could. You’re the best. Nancy


  11. Hey Madison, great job! We looked at the photos while lying accross the key board and desk!! My mom calls us kitties her fur babies. When my mom feels sad, we just snuggle near her so she knows we are there for her. Your doin’ a fine job and I’m sure she will feel a little better soon. P.S. Tell her my mom is praying for your mom to find her own peace in good time.


  12. Madison –
    Not that I think a dog can comfort like us cats can, but keep trying. My Mom just suffered a loss of a loved one too and when I just sit on her lap for a few minutes that makes her feel much better. Maybe you shouldn’t sit on your Mom’s lap, you are probably too big, but sitting next to her on the couch is good and you might try sitting on her feet (my Mom likes that too)

    Keep up the good work let Ami know that she is in our prayers and hearts. Take all the time she needs to heal.
    Your friend,
    Fester – rescued from a well


  13. Way to go Madison – Casey and Brady here – we are Cairn terriers and just love all your pictures. We do not know what “cats” are though. They look kinda self centered and domineering!!. You be sure and take really good care of Ami as she is very important to a lot of people and we all love her, and of course, you too!! Keep up the good work.


  14. Hey Madison: Good to hear from you again, been a while. Bodacious here, your friend in Las Vegas. Be a good sport and try not to do the nose thing again, I stick mine right in my Grandma’s face and sometimes she doesn’t like it, dunno why. Hope you are keeping close to your Mum and the rest of the family, you know stroking us gives humans a lot of comfort, and Grandma says they need a lot of that right now. Well keep the blogs etc. coming, really did miss you. Had any baths lately – Mum gave me one yesterday OUTSIDE brrrrrrrrrr, but I smell really good to the family right now. OK bud, got to go, Grandma has some new kind of treats. Take care Bodacious


  15. Madison, you are one funny dog! You could do Stand-up Comedy. Mom and I really enjoyed your blog–keep it up! And good job on those photos, looks to me like you’re a master at it. Mom says you are better than she is by a long throw of the ball.


  16. Wrigley the Cat who allows us to ‘keep’ her feels badly that she missed out on the photo opportunity and the chance to donate. We would love to send both.

    Donations are always welcome, but photos of the Animals Against Alzheimer’s has to wait until the end of the year when my dew clar re-grows itself. That was way too hard.
    Love, Madison!


  17. Jett was very proud to see himself among such great company. Thanks for putting this together Madison! He will start gathering loose change now for the next time. Sorry to hear about your poor dew claw!


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