Wigging Out

Madison T. Dog here again. Mom’s laughing too hard to type. She was cleaning out Beebe’s closet upstairs and found her clown wig. My Nannie used to be a clown.

Baby Beebe


She went to Clown College when she was in her mid-70’s so she could entertain the old people. She talked in a funny voice, painted faces, and once got stopped by the cops on the way to a performance. (She was dressed in her clown outfit at the time.)

All the reminiscing. It was such fun. And then Mom leaned over with the wig and before I knew what was happening I was blond and curly!

Wigging out. I’m hoping I get an extra scoop of kibble for this.

Could I please remind readers that I am a BOY dog. Is there a union representative I should be talking with?

Whatever you do, do NOT under any circumstances tell the squirrels in the back yard. I would never be able to live it down. I’m just grateful they have dial-up and won’t wait until all the pictures load.

Madison, like President Madison, not Dolly.

30 thoughts on “Wigging Out

  1. What a great story about your wonderful mom! Thanks to Madison for sharing this with us, since you’re laughing too hard.

    LOL, Judy


  2. I love the way pets look at us, when we make them look so silly. At Christmas our bulldogs where Santa with a hat and beard and the other an elf. Very disgusted looking in that photo.


  3. Well Madison, I thought that the wig made you look quite dignified. Much like a member of Parliament or a judge. With that kind of authority the squirrels would think twice about laughing at you. Just tell them that you are “Sir Madison”.


  4. ahhhh, madison is soooooo cute. what a good dog to tolerate some fun at his expense. a very good sport indeed. thanks for sharing ami. it totally cracked me up!


  5. Thanks for the smile to start the day – both Bebe and Madison pictures were greatly enjoyed and appreciated. And made me realize once again, that a person is never too old to try something new! Clown college, hmmmm … sounds like a LOT of fun!


  6. Oh Madison, I think you look absolutely presidential in your curls! Get your mom to show you photos of our founding fathers and perhaps you won’t feel so silly. And what a lovely way to remember Beebe–with laughter!


  7. What a wealth of wonderful memories you are discovering ~ and how generous you are to share them with us (through the laughter and the tears). Those photos are absolutely priceless!!

    I totally agree with Lynne – Sir Madison is a marvelously dignified title, indeed. Woe be to those peasant-squirrels!


  8. Another wonderful memory of you talented and compassionate mom!

    Madison, you look adorable. And I will NOT tell the squirrels. You need to keep your credibility as a threat, right? lol


  9. Isn’t it wonderful that we have the memories—-always the memories!! Thanks Madison for bringing this wonderful memory of Beebe to us.


  10. Madison, I think you should help your mommy should write a children’s book about you. Both of you are such good writers, and are so funny, it would be a great book!


  11. Master Madison as we all know you are the Master of the house. You did a fine job letting Mom get through this time. And of course Bebe’s pictures are wonderful memories.

    I do hope she remembers your extra kibble tonight :)


  12. Isn’t it shameful what we (lovingly) put out dogs through? I’ve got three at home and they practically turn tail and run when I approach them with wigs, collars, masks, headbands, etc., etc. All in good fun. And, yes, they do get extra goodies for putting up with such human silliness.


  13. What a beautiful memory and it just tells me a little more about your wonderful Mom…what a beautiful, amazing woman inside and out! Thank you for sharing Sir Madison. Elaine in SLO, Ca


  14. Madison, you definitely could be a Judge with that wig!! And, Beebe is looking down at you and Ami and laughing – thinking she should have taken you along to Clown College with her.

    The idea of the two of you writing a book is terrific.


  15. It’s ok Madison. President Madison wore a long curly blond wig when out on official business also, so you can tell those snippy squirrels that you were dressing up as the President. LOL Bonnie


  16. I am still laughing, the trears are running down my cheeks, that was the funniest picture ever, thanks Madison for making my day. You are such a help to you Mom. Keep up the good work. Lots of pats Helen


  17. Lord Madison … the squirrels have much to fear of you. In fact, because you look so very dignified — as every English barrister and justice does — they should be more appropriately fearful of your new found power.

    The pictures of Beebe that you shared were marvelous. What sweet, sweet memories.


  18. Darlin’ Dog…..We love you with or without curls….do not sweat
    the small stuff….and NOBODY’s tellin’ them squirrels.. !!!!!!


  19. But Madison, you are a blond – and a very handsome one at that! Sorry to see you look so sad and weary. Spring is coming – it will get warmer – flowers will be blooming – small critters to chase will be running about… I’m sure you know all that. Just thought I’d try to add a bit of cheer. :)


  20. Ami,
    Once again you and your wonderful sidekick Madison have brought joy to your readers. How like your mother you are. She went to Clown College in her 70s to bring joy to the elderly, while you are here making us laugh with your memories. Through the tears is coming laughter. The pictures are wonderful and your memories are precious.

    Madison, you are a good boy to let Mom do that to you. I hope you got that extra kibble. You deserve it!

    God bless. Rosemarie


  21. thanks for sharing such a wonderful story about your mom – and yes, Madison does look presidential – I suspect President Madison had a similar wig!


  22. OMG Madison!!! Please forgive us humans for doing such things to such a dignified pup! Just don’t go sniffing other dog’s rears with your new doo – they just might not understand.



  23. Ohhhhh Madison….. You are way too much. My mom read all previous 27 comments after your post. She’sstill laughing. What a “clown” you are. Will you always be clowning around???? Please tell your mom that if she writes a book about you, a lot of quilters and even non-quilters would buy it. Fondly, “Mouser”, the cat.

    PS, HeHe Actually I don’t like mice. I came to live with Mom, but she couldn’t figure out where I lived before. I’m glad Mom likes cats. Dad had caught a mouse and gave it to me. YUK!! Me, eat a mouse?? More YUK. I guess that’s why she named Me Mouser


  24. yes Madison, you definitely look like a Judge …
    … and way more diginfed than the 2 of us do in some of the photos mum has put on one of her blogs! (and we probably look even worse in a few photos she has not put on there … yet … maybe if we both come in here and ask for food/walks then mum won’t have time to put any more silly photos on her blog? … besides, she should be out finding her sewing room under all the mess – she has quilts to finish)


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