Quilters Finance Alzheimer’s Discovery!

With $30,000 from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative researchers at the University of Michigan were able to create new molecular tools that show promise for cleansing the brain of amyloid plaques, implicated in Alzheimer's disease!  The plaques — a hallmark of  the disease —are thought to contribute to cell death, leading to devastating  memory loss and cognitive … Continue reading Quilters Finance Alzheimer’s Discovery!

The “Rose of Sharon” Project

Hats off to Sharon Pederson, and her Nine Patch Media business partner Elizabeth Phillips, for putting together the Rose of Sharon project. It was premiered at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis last weekend where quilt shop owners go for the newest fabrics, thread, books, and gadgets. The Electric Quilt Company hosted the Rose of Sharon block contest at the … Continue reading The “Rose of Sharon” Project

I’ll Be On The Quilt Show!

Yours truly will be a guest on The Quilt Show!  Look for me on a monitor near you some time at the beginning of 2011. If you can't wait that long, and you're a member of The Quilt Show, come to the taping! It will be on August 10th and "admission" is a completed, fully registered Priority: Alzheimer's … Continue reading I’ll Be On The Quilt Show!

There’s A New Quilt In The Works

Last week I had an opportunity to see Paula Poundstone perform. She was hysterical! If you ever get a chance to see her, go! She had us laughing for two hours straight and then came out afterwards to greet people and give autographs. She was so generous with her time, talking with everyone in line and posing for … Continue reading There’s A New Quilt In The Works

$46,000 in 38 Hours

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative did VERY well at International Quilt Festival in Houston! We're getting close to confirming all the sales and updating the web page. You can see photographs of the show as it unfolded along with the numbers of the quilts that sold at: http://twitter.com/AAQIUpdate. AAQI board member Nanette Zeller also blogged about … Continue reading $46,000 in 38 Hours


A special request today! Please copy and paste this  into an email and send it to any quilters or quilt lovers you might know! Help me spread the word. Tell me how you helped in the COMMENT section below. Thanks, Ami :) WORLD QUILT FEDERATION SMACKDOWN* Four Quilting Heavyweights Face Off To Fight Alzheimer's In … Continue reading WORLD QUILT FEDERATION SMACKDOWN*

“Oversized” Alzheimer’s Quilt Finds New Home

Quilt artist Nanette Zeller, from Southern Pines, NC, created "Juggling The Chances" also known as "The Juggler" ( 48.5 " x 70") for the traveling exhibit, "Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece" back in 2006. In her excitement to complete the quilt, she forgot to check the size requirements in the prospectus. The quilt was too big and wasn't … Continue reading “Oversized” Alzheimer’s Quilt Finds New Home