There’s A New Quilt In The Works

Paula PoundstoneLast week I had an opportunity to see Paula Poundstone perform. She was hysterical! If you ever get a chance to see her, go! She had us laughing for two hours straight and then came out afterwards to greet people and give autographs. She was so generous with her time, talking with everyone in line and posing for pictures.

Not one to miss an opportunity, I put together a little quilt for her to sign. More acturately, I brought her a “quilt” held together with more pins than thread, but she got the idea. As soon as it is finished it will be auctioned off to benefit the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative.

I’ve read her book and saw photographs of her, but a good look at her web site helped me decide just what to do with the quilt. I went to the Salvation Army and picked up a blue shirt for the front of the quilt. I cut away the sleeves and the back and made a polka dot tie from the leftover fabric. The suspenders are red and polka dotted too, except for the area on one where she wrote a message and signed her name.

Although it was in pieces, it actually looked like part of the “costume” she wears to perform in—not bad for four hours of work. She even Tweeted me a message: “…That quilt square is so cool!”

I’m hoping when the quilt is finished she’ll tell all her fans to bid on it. Meanwhile, there is the “practice” signature I just happen to have, black pen on white fabric.  Convince me you are the quilter to turn it into a another Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt.

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7 thoughts on “There’s A New Quilt In The Works

  1. So, did you find a candidate to do this yet? I’ve never heard or seen Paula Poundstone perform, but I like her color scheme. :-> Anything with polka dots seems exciting to me!


  2. I love Paula and look forward to her appearances on “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”. I just mailed in my first Priority Quilt (it’s awaiting assignment :) ) so I’m eager to give another one a go….if you think I’m the one……I’ve got loads of polka dot fabric ;)


  3. Your sight is an inspiration!! I love it!! The colors on the underwear are beautiful!! I think you can get things off your dryer with nail polish remover — try it my girlfriend taught me that for gum for her son — it works.


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