I’ll Be On The Quilt Show!

Yours truly will be a guest on The Quilt Show!  Look for me on a monitor near you some time at the beginning of 2011.

If you can’t wait that long, and you’re a member of The Quilt Show, come to the taping! It will be on August 10th and “admission” is a completed, fully registered Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt!  Alex and Ricky are making my dream come true — to look out over the audience and see every single person holding a little 9″ x 12″ donation quilt for the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. Either that, or possibly catching a glimpse of George Clooney in the back row. I could go either way.

Space is VERY limited. Put “Ami Simms” in the subject line when you request tickets for the August 10th taping.

If you can’t make the taping but you’d like to influence history, in your comment to this blog post tell me what you’d like me to do on the show. Let me rephrase that. I’m not showing my hand-dyed underpants, juggling is out, and there will be no cooking segments.  What else are you interested in seeing? What questions about the AAQI can I answer for you? What skills are you all excited to learn that I might happen to know?  What annoying habits should I try to stifle? All suggestions/comments welcome. Tell your friends.  And send Rolaids. I’m already getting nervous.

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34 thoughts on “I’ll Be On The Quilt Show!

    1. Oh, if only it were that easy. Dog on plane in cargo area? Not this puppy. Driving to Boulder, Colorado? Not going to happen. But it’s a great idea.


  1. Poor Madison … I was going to suggest his attendance but I see that’s already been ruled out.

    Just be yourself … we love you and everyone else will, too!

    Tptally cool adventure you’ll have!



    But, do take Madison…….we all want to see him in action
    (wear sunglasses on the plane and tell everyone, he is your seeing eye dog……)


  3. Perhaps we could donate Colorado themed Priority Quilts in honor of the occasion and you could have a display on the show.


  4. Ami, just be yourself and you’ll be fine.

    My suggestion is to talk about everyday stuff that inspires you in your projects, quilts and life: travels, enjoying new foods, Madison’s accomplishments, backyard nature observations, etc.

    Knock ’em dead with your humor and wit!!



  5. Bring Madison!!! How hard could it be to drive to Boulder with a dog like that? A ‘buddy’ road trip with blogging along the way? Priceless!


  6. I would absolutely LOVE to see Madison on the show, even though I realize that getting him there would be quite a production in itself.

    I enjoyed the Steam-a-Seam applique technique that you used in the Dog-Yeared quilt and think that many people might like to see that. I also like your hand applique tips.


  7. Since Madison can’t go with you, I’ll be happy to sit with him and hope that will ease his missing you this time. Enjoy your big day.


  8. Ricky Timms is so cool! Maybe he would like to make an art quilt for AAQI. One of his should bring in BIG bucks.

    Where is the taping in August? In Boulder?

    Don’t be nervous – you will be great. :)


  9. I was going to suggest you bring Madison, but i see that topic has already been broached, We will love what ever you do!


  10. I think you could show your panties – just not the ones you happen to be wearing at that particular moment. Everybody likes happy panties.


  11. How about you select & bring five quilts from your traveling AAQI exhibit – the five you would consider best illustrates the pain this disease causes.

    And maybe a segment on your favorite quiltmaking tips & tricks.

    This will be a great show!!!


  12. You are always (and will be) great! If you can slip some of the stuff from How Not to ….. that would encourage some of the rest of us, and even some “show and tell” if you have any left from your earlier days. Too bad about Madison, but he is a very understanding dog. Good luck! CgD


  13. I want to see Madison T. Dog on TQS! If you can’t take him in person, how about a video segment?

    You’ll be great, Ami. Can’t wait to see the show! TQS is truly a class act. :)

    Anne in Vancouver, Canada


  14. congradulations Ami….As for the show…I like the idea of the Colorado art quilts for Priority…a mini sale thru the Quilt Show….talk up the AAQI….and yourself….whatever you do it will be great….Carol Doak when she was one eariler this year…had free access to your show for the members of her yahoo group….Be great if you could do that also…Well I think that is enough got now….Linda B in MI


  15. After reading through the comments that are already posted, it is obvious that I am not the only one who will re-join (dispite the higher fees) now that I know that you’ll be on. Does this “draw” of delinquint members give you more clout? I’ll also do more of those priority quilts that I’ve been promising myself to get done! We need to celebrate that you continue to get the word out through information and entertainment!


  16. Maybe you could tape a segment with Madison at home, and then insert it in the show :-)
    And just be your usual, funny self!!!
    I wish I could make it to the taping, but Italy is just a bit too far away…


  17. Yes, Ami – you have so many, many fans who would love to see you just be yourself. Me, included. Need a cartoonist to acocmpany you? I could scratch out a good imitation of Madison. Ha ha.

    I’m not even familiar with the show you’re going to be on; so NOW I have to find out more.


  18. What if you suggest people look to real life stories about experiences people have had with loved ones that have Alzheimers as inspiration to create their quilts? They can write out the story on the back of their quilt to preserve an actual memory and maybe they could name the quilt after the person w/ Alzheimers… like “George” or “Marjorie.” Then on the show either those that took the advice could tell the story they chose or you could read a select few that really wrenched your heart or otherwise affect you and show the quilts as you read the story.
    I think that those quilts would raise more funds than those without a history attached and provide the viewing audience with greater understanding about what it is like to have Alzheimers or to live with/love someone suffering with it. Maybe you could auction those quilts instead of putting a price tag on each or auction the most emotionally stirring as you may raise even more funds through an auction than set price sale.

    I am sure there are many stories out there that are easily accessible for those who would like to participate that have not experience how horrible this disease is or suggest they visit a nursing home and talk to some of the caregivers.

    All of those quilts could be compiled into yet another book that would personalize the disease. You sell advance book orders at the show, online and have viewers call in orders.


  19. Make sure you take the little sinking boat quilt.
    That made me smile an the West Palm Beach Mancuso show.
    Above all Have Fun!


  20. How about showing other peoples hand dyes pants? No? Oh well, anything that makes me giggle will be just fine and I am quite sure you will manage that. I’ll be looking forward to the show.


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