The Captain

There is a remarkable film called “The Captain” that you need to watch. It will take less than four minutes, maybe a little longer if you have to run for a tissue. Heartwarming doesn’t begin to touch it.

It was narrated by Allison Janney, the actress who portrayed Press Secretary C.J. Cregg from the television series The West Wing. (I have watched all seven seasons on my iPod, multiple times. There. I said it. ) Were Ms. Janney to read a few pages from the phone book, I would be enthralled, but hearing her speak the words of the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley went far, far beyond that.

The Captain stars a young man named Daniel Long. He is terrific.

A little bragging here: I went to college with his parents, Patti and Tim Long. My Steve (and her Tim) were roommates.  If you’ve heard me tell the story about hand quilting  on a long car trip, my 32″ oval hoop wedged between my chest and the dashboard of our Chevette, the part I left out was that we were on our way to Tim & Patti’s wedding. Now you know.

Turns out that Daniel’s brother Aaron, who is also mentioned in the credits (get out your magnifying glass), is friends with Allison Janney.  Well, I’m not incredibly well versed on how this “six degrees of separation” stuff works, but I have a big enough mouth. I asked Tim to ask Aaron to ask Allison (see we’re on a first name basis already) if she would autograph some fabric for a Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt.

Long story short, she said yes!  And she signed SEVERAL pieces of fabric! I get dibs on one, but I’m opening it up to anyone else who would like to create a Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt with the other four.

If you are interested, convince me that you are worthy.  Just so you know, we only need one quilt with gold fish and a flamingo but anything else is fair game.  No particular time limit, but sooner rather than later. Comment away…

February 27 Update:  The first four volunteers who commented to the blog were selected to receive one of the Allison Janney signatures. Thanks to everyone who volunteered.

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21 thoughts on “The Captain

  1. If you had a link to the movie, I didn’t see it. Can you tell us how to find this movie? I checked Google but didn’t come up with anything. IMDB said it was a “documentary short” running about 5 minutes. Is it rentable…from where?
    Phyllis Sherwin


  2. Wow – what a moving video! I thought I held the record for watching “West Wing” reruns. How about goldfish in one quilt and a flamingo in the other? Which one are you making?Could I do the other one? I’d love to have an “Allison Janney” autograph. I could display the quilt at our Shawnee Quilters show in Harrah’s (only 7 miles from Paducah) on April 20-21-22 along with about the other AAQI quilts we will be donating after our show.


  3. Ami, I would love to make a Priotity quilt with Allison’s signature! I too loved West Wing, and while C.J. was one of my favorite characters on the show, I definitely lusted after Rob Lowe. Allison was in close proximity to Rob all the time…I’m sure that’s a six degrees of seperation thing, too. (;-). I would make a beautiful quilt worthy of har signature. No flamingos, no gold fish.


  4. Hey, I’d love to do that for you. Why am I worthy? Hmmmmm……you’re just gonna have to take my word for it! But I will tell you I loved the West Wing and Allison and I named a part of my house the West Wing. Mine is a storage wing with attached bath but that’s another story. Also, you have sold more than $1800 of my Priority Quilts. That’s my pitch and I’m stickin’ to it! So, pick me, please……


  5. I have been thinking about doing a quilt ever since my Husband went home to the Lord. After the long years of alzheimers there seem so many memories and deciding on what I want has been a daunting task for me. We had 54 years together and how can you separate what would speak your heart. I want to leave this to my children, grand children and great grand children as a rememberance of their Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather. I would be honored to have one of the signature blocks to add to my quilt. I am just in the planning, designing stage now but hope in the coming year to get the blocks done. Thank you for this wonderful site and the support of so many who have been in my shoes. May God Bless You.


  6. I’d love to have one of the squares and promise to make a quilt sooner!! And it would be from Las Vegas – but not the one in Nevada – the real, original Las Vegas here in New Mexico…. i don’t know what that has to do with West Wing or the movie but it would be unique and from a most interesting little city. Not too many bright lights or naked women here but lots of sun and blue skies. Geez, I sound like a promo for the tourist industry. Anyway, it would have a southwest flare and in memory of my dad who had Alzheimers.


  7. if you still have a siggie left, i would love to make a priority quilt.
    i have seen every episode with my DH many times.


  8. I love West Wing as well and love Allison’s character! I love strong women who can stand in a crowd of men and not look wimpy…also, I think she is so pretty. As a history teacher I loved the references in the show to past events that often times went over the average person’s head….I would love her autograph in a West Wing quilt….you are so fortunate…and you have such a talented dog as well…..


  9. Ami, thank you so much for sharing The Captain with your community! We fell in love with this film the first time we saw it and we’re so glad you have helped in passing it along for others to experience. And what a GREAT idea involving Allison in to the Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt!

    If any of your readers want to see more of The Captain, they can visit Tweet it, Facebook it, share it with the world. And we have many more audio and video poems at the site as well. Take a look and experience something new. Thanks again, Ami!


  10. Ami, this is AWESOME! As a teacher and graduate student I will use The Captain in so many ways. Thank you for the perfectly timed example of how visual messages can enrich textual messages – I am sharing it with my classmates in my Visual Literacy class.

    As for Allison Janney and the Alzheimer’s quilts – since I started graduate school, I have only had time to look longingly at my sewing machine from time to time and promise it I will return one day, so don’t save a signature block for me…

    Thanks again,


  11. I found it easily but after 3 tries I could not get it to go past the middle – it stops like it is done… Any suggestions because I would love to see the rest of it…I have always loved this poem for reality and inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing it.


  12. Isn’t the woman in the bleachers the actress who played one of the assistants on West Wing? I don’t remember her name, so it doesn’t matter that I couldn’t make out the credits.


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