More Shirt Quilts

I just completed two more quilts using Mark’s shirts and mailed them off to two of his close friends. One was a Trip Around the World, so appropriate for Mark who loved to travel. He’d been so many interesting places, took lots of pictures, and gave great tours of wherever he lived. 

Trip Around The World 

I used Mark’s shirts for every part of the quilt including the backing and sleeves. I was trying to find a use for the yokes of the shirts. One became the bottom sleeve of this quilt. I had to extend it a wee bit as it was a little too narrow. I bound the raw edges. It flopped quite a bit, so I shoved the rod in the bottom pocket, took two buttons from the shirt and sewed it shut. 


The other quilt was a Sunshine & Shadow, which also seemed appropriate for a mourning quilt. It is the human experience: joy and sadness. Without one, we can’t appreciate the other.  

Sunshine & Shadow 

I took a pocket from one of Mark’s special shirts and sewed it on the back. Hanging, by that proverbial thread, is a button from the shirt. In times of pain and sorrow, we sometimes feel like that, drifting, unsure. It’s there against that pocket of hope and positive things, another “light” and “dark” to ponder on the back of the quilt. 

Pocket and button hanging by a thread.

I still have one more patchwork quilt waiting in the wings, and a T-shirt quilt or two before I’ll call it quits and move onto another quilt that is pulling at my heart. 

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20 thoughts on “More Shirt Quilts

  1. He was obviously a very dear person. You honor him as well as your muse when you find such comfort and inspiration in his memory!


  2. Very nice Ami,
    I love them all but especially the sunshine and shadow.
    I work in home health and hospice and have friends who are mourning the sudden loss of their 35 yr old son.


  3. Ami, you are simply the most sensitive caring person ….. you use your artistry & philosophy to comfort others. This is a gift that I pray is returned to you every day


  4. These are so meaningful, Ami. I made a memorial quilt a number of years ago for a young mom who lost her husband to cancer. I used his flannel work shirts and denim jeans. This woman was pregnant with their fourth child at the time of his death. It was an honor to try to make this quilt for her as a tangible reminder of him. I also made 4 small (doll quilt sized) pieces – one for each child to have as their own.


  5. When my husband died, after months of grievihg his sudden loss, I found it very soothing for me to make a quilt, mostly out of his various work shirts, for a grandson who looks so very much like him,that he never got to meet in person. I put the pockets in the center of each square and then put little “gifts” of stuffed animals and wrapped candy in each of them for the grandson. As he gets older, his mother has put the qulit on the wall and during the various seasons…..Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and sometimes for no season at all, she continues the tradition of putting little gifts in the pockets for her son. I like to think my hubby would approve of my “recycling” his shirts……lol


  6. Ami, this is such a wonderful idea! I belong to Prayers & Squares and make prayer squares that are given locally. I really think, if the need arose, these would be wonderful to make and give to those close who are left behind to grieve.




  7. When my brother-in-law (who adored hawaiian shirts) died unexpectedly at a young age, I took his hawaiian shirts and made my sister a wall hanging with each block a paper pieced four inched shirt. It was something I could do to help with her mourning process.


  8. I am astonished at what you can accomplish in such time….

    Many gifts you have inside you- that you share constantly –with your thoughts and words you inspire those you may.never know..quite a blessing you are paying forward..

    i keep dads painters pants and some of his shirts- the pants I work in the yard with – who knew they would fit me 8 years after he died- and now 17 years later- they are still being worn- he would have loved where we live now- it was his dream to live in the country– the shirts are in a chest-to0 threadbare to really cut and quilt….but maybe some day I shall do something mixed media with them both- after I have added me to the pants with paints…

    Lifting my scissors in salute to your wonderful gifts for his friends.

    Hug to you-



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