Short Name Has Perks

In June I taught for Maine Quilts. I had a great time, met some terrific people, and bought a commemorative sweatshirt. It said MAINE QUILTS. Loved the graphic, good color, nice hand, and it fit. Plus, it was downright reasonable, which I took as a sign that I should own it. I love it when shopping decisions are so easy.

Alas, living in Michigan, I felt a little guilty wearing a shirt from another state. Michigan has had some hard times, and I didn’t feel that wearing my Maine shirt was as supportive as I could be.  Actually, I wasn’t wearing it at all because, unlike Maine, August in Michigan is not the time of year for wearing sweatshirts. So on the shelf it sat.

It was then that I noticed that the letters spelling MAINE were not embroidered onto the shirt like the word QUILTS, but rather, they were sewn on with a straight stitch. If you’re not following me, let me explain: that made the letters removable!

And why would I want to do that? Oh, players of word games, follow me now! The three letters that are my name (A-M-I) are actually contained in the name of the great state of M-A-I-N-E.  They’re just out of order!

I can operate a seam ripper and I know how to sew! Problem solved. I shall not promote a foreign state, I shall promote ME, actually AMI (they rhyme).


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23 thoughts on “Short Name Has Perks

  1. That’s a brilliant solution! I can see it now – everyone with an embroidery machine will be putting their name on a sweatshirt. I know I will! I want a shirt like that!


  2. What a great idea Maine had and a even better idea for adapting it. To bad we don’t have a Michigan Quilts shirt. Wish somneone would come out with one. Hint, hint. :)


  3. LOVE the new and improved shirt. I sure wish I had your creative thought processes! I’m full of ideas, just have trouble figuring out how to execute them well. Meanwhile, I’ll just continue to be impressed with yours!


  4. And for those of us who may have a similar shirt but not lucky enough to be named Ami, we could just have a shire that says
    “I Quilts”


  5. You know, technically speaking, when you say you are supporting “ME” you are actually supporting Maine, as this is the 2-letter postal abbreviation for the state. Just thought I might point that out, but in a helpful way, not condescending or anything unkind like that………………… (Hi, Madison!)


  6. Other than the great state of Michigan and (of course) Maine, wonder if there are any other states that would allow the alteration? Not Missouri, not Mississippi, not Maryland…


  7. Phooey, I wrote it down and I can’t figure out anything to do with TEXAS….that X right in the middle kinds of ruins things……
    Ami is so clever she could probably make it work anyway….


  8. Great job Ami, now you just have to figure one out for Madison as I can imagine the WINTERS in Michigan are made for sweatshirts. Maybe MY MOM QUILTS?


  9. Oh great Ripper of Stitches…. clever as usual …. my hat is off to you. And for those writing who are not in Michigan…. winter arrived two days later! Brrrrrrrrr.


  10. I love the shop Maine Quilts. You made me want to hop a plane and go back. How fun to hear about your dog Madison. I know it is getting winter because my kitty comes in the house now. Thank goodness for cooler weather! We have show in our mountains and the leaves have changed underneath. Just beautiful!


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