What Not To Wear

Love the pantsOnce I get dressed in the morning I stay that way. I don’t change clothes if I can help it until I’m ready to get into my jammies.

Fabric dying was on the agenda a few weeks ago, so on went the old dye-splattered jeans and speckled tennis shoes. The sweat shirt was one Mom made for me years ago and that came off for the dying because I certainly wouldn’t want to get THAT messed up.

And then Debbie and I had to go get something at Office Max. Oh well. I didn’t see anybody I knew.

Debbie did see someone SHE knew and snapped this attractive picture of me!

Ami has underpants to match.So what was I dying? I was experimenting with subtle value gradations, trying to create “whole cloth” fabric that didn’t require marking.  An elegant solution, I thought, to all the time spent marking.  Maybe if I didn’t have to spend hours pushing the chalk pencil I could change clothes.  Maybe not. I could change earrings?  That’s do-able.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to own an original Ami, the price is right. These are one-of-a-kind, so don’t delay.

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8 thoughts on “What Not To Wear

  1. It reminds me of the time I “dressed properly” to see the bank manager. The appointment went well and i decided to continue in the mall and have a look and see about new summer shoies. Found a pair I liked, found a saleslady to help and looked down at my feet and my shoies didn’t match. Sort of the same color but not the same style. There are other stories about being in public and maybe that’s why my Mom does not ofter accompany me shopping. Thank you for the fun picture. Llynnda


  2. When I first saw the picture, I thought, “Her outfit looks fine to me. It looks like something I would wear.” Then I read the blog. Your outfit looks great to me!


  3. Stand clear Madison as I don’t know how people would take to a multi colored/dyed dog. Of course you would be one-of-a-kind so maybe that wouldn’t be too bad. You an Mom could match.


  4. You look fabulous to me.

    Perhaps you need to move to Australia, where an outfit like that is just plain artistic and normal.

    I think you folks in the USA worry too much about public image – I can’t imagine any of the ladies on Simply Quilts actually making quilts with those fingernails !!! Totally unreal.


  5. No worse that I look sneaking into the grocery store after my perfunctory one hour at the health club. It’s not a pretty sight. I keep my head low and hope I see no one I know – only in this small town that is impossible!


  6. If you just splashed more of the fabric dye on the jeans and tennies, you would be such a trend setter.


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