Taking Myself For A Walk

The warm weather is back.  I’m an all weather dog. I like warming myself in the sun and I like resting my somewhat hairless underside in a nice patch of  snow too.  Either way; doesn’t matter.

Mom hates winter. She’s not too fond of summer either. She finds fall depressing because it’s only going to get colder. Spring is good. She likes spring. If it’s not too cold or too hot. Seventy-one degrees and she morphs into an Outdoorsy Woman. Until the wind blows. Then she whines.

Now that Mom can stand to walk outside, I get to come to the Mall too. I find this very exciting. I am very good at walking. We just go in the parking lot around the outside edge of the Mall, but away from traffic. Unless it’s too cold then we cut some parts out and walk closer to the buildings.

Mom sometimes gets tired of holding my leash. Sometimes she makes Debbie hold it. Most of the time she let’s me walk myself.

Taking myself for a walk

Mom cut off my tail with the camera in this candid shot. She’s so inept with technological things.

Here’s a better view where you can see my tail. I am wagging.

See my tail?

Mom rarely photographs my best side. Out the four sides that I have, my rear is my favorite part of me. I have a beautiful butt with long flowing golden retriever feathers.  If you even come over to see me I will back up into you (so you can see my rear) and then turn around and look at us. I am very flexible.

If you’re curious, I always “go” before I leave home. Mom taught me to pee and poop on command. Mom always has “dog bags” in the car just in case, but I don’t leave presents unless I’m told to. When we go overnight someplace, Mom says I can leave some; so I do. Mom always picks them up. But sometimes there’s no place to put my presents so Mom takes them home to throw away.

Clever, isn't she?

Mom would like to take this opportunity to apologize most profusely to any citizens driving down Miller Road about 4 years ago when it started to rain that one day when she forgot we were hauling presents. We’re very sorry. Very sorry indeed.

Oh, in case you can’t read the sticker on the car, it says:

My Golden Retriever is smarter than your Honor Student.

(Can’t say the same for Mom.)

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27 thoughts on “Taking Myself For A Walk

  1. So glad to hear from you! I thought you had taken a long vacation. I missed hearing from you. I agree the back side of a GR is absolutely gorgeous. However, my favorite is the front side, because it kisses.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  2. We’re so glad that it’s Spring too and that you’re getting out and getting some air.

    We like to go on long car rides to our other house in the mountains. It always means that we get hamburgers treat. It is a long ride, 4 hours, but not bad when you consider the treat. You might ask your Mom about getting special treats like that!

    Yes, I do agree with your bumper sticker and would like to add that we need to get one that says. “My Labrador Retrievers are smarter than your Honor Student.”

    Your faithful fans,
    Molly and Abby
    Black Labs from Pine Grove, CA


  3. Oh My Madison, You are at it again!! Be careful that you do not trip over your leash. And give your MOM a great Mother’s Day present Sunday.


  4. Look what you made me do Madison! I laughed so hard I spit iced tea all over my screen!

    Now please go tell you mommy that I was VERY happy to see she used opaque plastic bags. EW!

    Oh, and i like her license plate too!


  5. As always, Madison, you are my favorite blogger. We live many miles apart, but I’m sure your rear is absolutely stunning. My rear is definitely not. Perhaps if I had some of your long, flowing feathers it would improve the view. Consider yourself the recipient of lots of sloppy kisses from me.


  6. Good dog, Madison! Good dogparent, Ami!

    And although I’m not sure about the Honor Student bumper sticker, I’m quite sure that you are much much smarter than my Cairn terrier. But he is awfully cute, has lots of “feathers” and is the happiest little guy ever rescued from the Pennsylvania SPCA. And you’d never guess he is all of 13 years old!

    On the other hand, he is smart enough to remind us when it’s time for us to eat (and hopefully accidently lose some tidbit into his mouth) as well as the “take me out” bark!


  7. My son is training his puppy by holding a treat in front of her nose but she cannot eat until he says “Okay”. He hooked my printer up to my computer and told me to print something. He turned and continued with a treat in front of her nose. I pulled the keyboard towards me and said “Okay” to myself as I tried to think of what to print. I heard him giggle and tell her “You’re supposed to wait for ME to say its okay, not someone else!”


  8. It has been raining buckets for DAYS now in Virginia. It makes me laugh to receive one of these “Madison notes”. Now I have to drag poor Gypsy dog (cairn terrier) outside to leave her present. She doesn’t jump for joy let me tell you, hates being wet.
    Sandy/VA Beach


  9. Madison,
    Congratulations on getting to go on Mall walks now that the weather is good! It broke my heart that your humans were walking without you. I love how you hold your leash!


  10. Madison

    I think you should ask your Mom to gather personalized license plates for all over the U.S. It would be great to see how clever quilters can be.


  11. Madison, I swear you are much smarter than most humans! It must be hereditary as your Mom, Ami is pretty darn smart too! Always a pleasure to hear from both of you.


  12. Madison you were just what I needed after a lousy day at work! You are my favorite dog, well after my German Shepard Anya anyway! No walk for us today, it’s raining yet again.


  13. Madison, you are so smart. I tried so hard to train my sheltie to pee and poop on command. While she was easy to train in most things, she drew the line at that.

    Ami, where did you get the sticker. I’ve been looking for one that says my Sheltie is smarter….

    Thanks to both of you for brightening my days again and again.


  14. Madison, you are a very smart dog. Can you tell me how your mom taught you how to pee and poop on command? I am mom to a wonderful LBD(little black dog) named Chester and I really NEED this info.


  15. I like the bumper sticker. I would never have put one of those “bragadocious” bumper stickers proclaiming my child being an honour student on my cars. It was always enough for me to know; I didn’t have to scream it out to the rest of society. Besides, my children had something to say on the subject; they would have objected..


  16. we are both desert dogs and like the heat so its a good thing we live in the south. We also don’t have your glorious fur. You are our favorite blogger. If we had thumbs we would send a picture but we also have a very inept mistress who thinks a computer is for words and a cell phone is for talking.

    Peaches and Hobbs


  17. Hi Madison! Nice paws. You must have just had an appointment with the groomer. Where can I get that bumper sticker?


  18. Hi Madison-

    I’m glad you’re getting lots of fun exercise. We just sleep most of the day, and night!! Mom won’t let us out right now anyway because we have too many mosquitoes already and they bite our cute noses.

    Speaking of our Mom, she saw your Mom tonight at the Quilt Guild of Dallas. Your Mom is tooooo funny, I bet she makes you laugh all the time. We really enjoyed her and are going to keep her for a couple of more days but then you can have her back. But since you can walk yourself it shouldn’t be a problem. We do have one question though, how do you pee and poop when she’s not there to tell you to “go”?

    Love your posts, we need more since we can’t get outside to chase the birds and mice and …

    Your feline friends in Dallas-
    Shadow & Shakespeare


  19. Hi Madison, Mr. Rabble and Ms. Daisy here. We love it when you blog because you make our Mom laugh outloud, and then she gets happy and lets us have treats! So we thank you. Tell your Mom we think she’s great for training you to walk yourself..but the “on command” action is alittle over the top…but we still adore you. Happy tails, your friends in S.Ca


  20. Edwina, this is hilarious! And… it gives me a good idea about how to haul the gifts our precious goldens present. But I won’t tell Daisy & Buddy.


  21. Hi Madison-
    We just love your blogs. I have two beautiful Golden Retriever girls and they think you are HOT. I always read your postings to them because although they are smart like you, they haven’t mastered reading. They do admire your beautiful Golden Buns. Their favorite picture of you is the one your Mom posted of you holding the quilted pizza.
    We have a bumper sticker too, ours says “My Golden Retrievers are better behaved than your grandkids!”
    Keep up the good work, we love hearing from you.


  22. Ahh, so you’re the one who got the MI license plate “QUILT” before I did! Many years ago I settled for “Quilt1” since yours was taken but I’m happy with that. Funny thing, we also have the same sticker on our vehicles- but mine reads “My Great Dane is smarter than your honor student.” However, your Golden is smarter than my Dane as she can’t type. But she’s only two.


  23. Hello Madison, you are cute!
    I’m a yellow lab/shepherd mix, and I think my backside is my best feature, too. My Mom likes my big brown eyes. She is mad at me right now because I chewed up a pair of Dad’s underwear.


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