Vote For Madison!

Vote for Madison!

That would be me, Madison T. Dog.

I hate to be so bold as to suggest this, but my Mom said I should write and ask you to vote for me because I am deserving and handsome. My “furless sister” Jennie took this terrific picture of me just before all the leaves blew away.

Voting is really easy. You don’t have to sign up for an account for anything. You just click and vote and it counts your vote right away which is very nice because dogs don’t like to wait on the counting part. Vote here:

If I win there is a trip to Aruba involved. It’s probably not for dogs, but if I have to give away my ticket to someone, I’m holding out on announcing who will get it until I can accumulate some kibble from the interested parties.

The picture above is the original. The Purina people apparently like “landscape” not “portrait,” so we had to crop. I still think I look OK even thought there is slightly less of me in the picture you vote on.

Please tell your friends to vote for me also. I will send a postcard from Aruba if I win. Voting is here, in case you forgot:

Mom already tried to vote twice. I like her spunk. If you would like to vote twice, you have to use another computer for the second vote. If you have another computer, or maybe a smart phone, you should vote for there too, unless that is against the rules.

I’m going to press some fabric with my rump now because Mom left some on the floor and that’s my job. I’m fairly all excited about the contest, never having been in one before, I will try not to get my hopes up. I still plan on asking Mom to check the web site every 14 minutes to see how many votes I have now.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanking you kindly,
Your friend,

7 thoughts on “Vote For Madison!

  1. Madison, if our Bella (cockapoo) can’t win, we want you to win!
    Good Luck! Everyone needs to enter and try to win sometime! I hope you get a special treat too.


  2. Mom voted, but when we tried to vote, they wouldn’t let us. so you have three votes from the Galindo Family,but only one counts.


  3. I voted for you, Madison although with that “seoulful” expression you were bound to be a winner in your chosen category anyway. :)


  4. I just voted for you Madison. I’m sure you are far and away the most attractive doggy in the contest! I might go to the library tomorrow and use one of their computers to vote for you, too! (In fact, they have about 20 public computers–do you think they’d get suspicious if I voted from all of them?!)


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