Funky Colored Denim And A Big MESS!

This is the before picture. I don’t think you’re going to see an “after” picture for quite a while. Notice the place on the carpet where I stand (no scraps)? I confess, I am a true slob.

(You can click the picture to see exactly how big a slob I am.)

Still, I’m pretty happy about the whole state of affairs. You see, I’ve been collecting funky colored jeans for at least a decade, and I finally came up with something to do with them!

I am making denim badge holders! 

By time you read this all of the AAQI Board Members in Houston will be wearing them around their necks, displaying the International Quilt Festival Exhibitor Badge (our ticket to get in to the Exhibit Hall) in the cute little plastic pocket on the front.

Inside is a large pocket, on the back are two more pockets, and some of the Badge Holders even have the AAQI logo, tagline, and web page on the front flap. (I used all the leftover ones we had from labeling the “Name Quilts” for the new exhibit.)

The front flap is really a pocket! I've already gotten rid of that little bit of thread sitting on the "Raising."I am SO pleased with myself. I just knew that some day I would find a use for the funky colored pants! (It’s OK, I still have about 97 pounds more.)

We have seven of us board members. But I had about 15 fabric logos left, so I made more Badge Holders than we have board members. And then I didn’t count so well and had lots of leftover parts and made about three times as many as I needed. Since I ran out of the logo fabric, some of the extra ones are just “plain.”

Now I need your help. I want to donate all the extra ones to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative and sell them at Festival. Am I silly? Would anybody even want one? More importantly, how much would they pay for one?!

In the comment section please tell me what I should charge. I need to know by 5 p.m. on Wednesday. That’s when the Sneak Preview opens and we start selling the 1,000 quilts, and hopefully one or two of these little badge holders. ( Exhibit Hall, Row S. —Tell your friends.) Did I mention I made them myself? And it was hard. (Wiping back of hand across brow…) And I still have to clean up the mess!

Seriously, what’s a good price. It’s for charity.

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28 thoughts on “Funky Colored Denim And A Big MESS!

  1. I would LOVE one of these for lots of reasons. And there are so few of them, that makes them even more valuable. I’m really cheap, but would probably pay $25 for one handmade by you – maybe more. People are coming to Houston to spend money, and this is a good cause, so charge a lot and they’ll sell. Good luck!


  2. Of course they will buy them- they are wonderful- and if you ever quit your day job- you may have a future in convention name badges :) at least the area around you will be padded should you fall over from exhaustion-

    I think that you should start at 20.00 donation….no make that $25 – this is something the guys working the convention could wear– the ones that dont have pierce ears or a lapel…. :)

    PS I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a badgeholder today….said in my best “wimpy voice”

    PSS- They really are cool…


  3. It’s a great idea, I’d have loved to have one on our latest cruise so I could cary my room key when I had no pockets! Or for the gym so you could have your ID card and pass card. I’d like to pay $5.00 but for charity would probably go as high as $10. HOpe I’m not a cheapskate!


  4. Those aren’t just badge holders – – they are also passport, airline ticket, ID, money, important small stuff holders! I should think they would sell for between $10-15.


  5. I’d definitely but one. $10 minimum. (Actually I”d pay more since it’s a good cause, but I’m trying to guess what others would think.).
    They’re really cute. And useful.


  6. I’ve been discriminated against, again. (I started practicing law and then teaching law in 1960, before the Civil Rights Act was invented, so you know discrimination has happened to me before.) I want one of the badge holders, but I will not be at Houston. Can you make some extras to sell online? I’d pay $20-25, since the proceeds go to Alzheimer’s.


  7. I think you’d sell more if you charged $10, although $25 would make more money. That’s something you have to consider – charge less and sell more, or charge more and sell fewer. I would certainly pay $10, but probably would not pay $25 – and I am a cheapskate, I know. Or should I say, frugal…..


  8. Be reckless! Just ask for a donation for Alzheimer’s. You will be surprised how well you will do.

    My sewing room floor used to look like yours most of the time. However, I had to change my ways since moving to a one bedroom apartment. My sewing area is at one end of my kitchen. I won’t mention how the bedroom looks. My friend was right when she said that all my “stuff” would not fit in the apartment.

    Madison, you are a hunk.


  9. Donating the name badges to alzheimer’s initiatives @ Festival and charging $ 25.00 is a good idea. I can see them used as passport or money holders when traveling abroad.


  10. Ami, I would feel so at home in your sewing room. It looks just like mine. The floor is sooo handy for “catching things”.



  11. Just when did you sneak into my sewing room> I didn’t even know I was making those badges. I guess I would ask for a donation and hope that people are generous rather than asking too much and people not buying them. But what do i know, I didn’t even know I was making them in my sewing room.
    Good Luck in Houston, wish I was there.



  12. For a donation, I would pay $15- $20, but otherwise $10 is good. Please, please make up the pattern to sell! I have been looking for something like this, or is it a pattern already? Lovethe funky jeans!


  13. Gee…I think I paid at least $15.00 for a plain one from the last Quilt Camp I attended, so definitely $25.00 for a purty cool one.

    and…pretty sure there are many of us who can go toe to toe with you on the messy thing. I had to clear off my dining room table (which can be seen from my front door) so I wouldn’t be embarassed when the trick or treaters came. Yes, indeed…it was bad.


  14. I don’t think $25 is out of line. It’s for a good cause and a useful item.

    The Lowell show gives out badge holders when you register for classes. I use them when we travel; they’re great at the airport to keep your boarding pass, license, and some money. We go to a camp where you need to show an ID card at meals, so I wear my badge holder. Or just for shopping — credit card, license, money.

    And it’s fantastic that you made them out of recycled clothing. Might be a new industry in here. I have a slightly larger pouch that my daughter gave me. It’s pretty, Chinese design on one side, more Mexican on the other. I’ve been using it as a purse for a month and am perfectly happy with it The only problem is cheap zippers that broke the first time I used it. Might need to go pull some fabrics and make a new one…


  15. Ami,
    I’m with those that suggest $25.
    Having been to Quilt Market, getting a badge holder that is made of durable denim would be such a blessing!
    Thanks to you for all your work on Alzheimer’s funding.


  16. $25 is perfect given it’s made by you and it’s a donation. It’s definitely not too much and for such an important cause. They’re wonderful.


  17. Hi Ami,
    Great idea just in time for Quilt Market! I was going to suggest $20, but I agree with many previous commenters – $25.00 would be a good price since it is also a donation to Alzheimer’s.

    Kind regards,


  18. I would dearly love to have one. I have been on the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk committee for several years in our small town—This year I also was chair person for the walk—I do quilt among other things. This year our Memory walk raised $41,000 toward Ending Alzheimer’s Disease. Last year our walk was number one in the nation for dollars raised in a rural area. Keep doing what you are doing toward ending this awful disease!!!!
    I think that $10-15 would be a fair amount.


  19. Ah, come one you guys! Yeah, $25 is reasonable. We can’t be reasonable about Alzheimers. Give them away free with a $100 donation. You only have a few so they are limited edition. They are made my you! What’s that worth? So sign ’em with a Sharpie! These are one of a kind!!! Maybe $25 if you were going into the business but these are SPECIAL. And if you don’t have any takers at $100, you can always drop the donation to $25 in a day or two. It’s a FUNDRAISER for cryin’ out loud!!! Be brave!!! If you can’t get several quilter’s to fork over the donations – keep ’em so no one else will have them! Was that too opinionated? DId I make my point clear? ;) xoxox Lisa T


  20. Hi Ami, I’m not going to Houston, but would love to buy one. Price them high enough, it is a charity donation, and you should treat it at that. At least $25. Norma


  21. What a great idea. Wish you were selling to those of us who live way across the country. LOL Maryland LOL. I still use mine for every class I take and recently used it on a cruise. Don’t need money aboard ship but you need someplace to hold you Sign and Sail card. I don’t know how you do it all. I have taken your classes and know what goes into them and then your books, and then your panty painting, (for which I am honored to own a pair. I think I might have to take insurance out on them. LOL), and now badge holder maker. You are a Jack of all Trades. LOL Keep it up, we love you dearly. I would pay $20 to $25 but there are a lot of people where that would be too much and would not be allowed to purchase. The price should be low enough for all to be able to buy and high enough to cover cost and time making them. Cathleen


  22. Perhaps you could put a “minimum donation” or “suggested donation” price (for example, $10) on them, which might make them accessible to those on more limited budgets, but leave it open for those who would like to donate more.

    I have one made in very cheap-looking material that I’m sure I paid at least $5 for; I would love to have one of yours (the Purple one, of course! LOL). Unfortunately I won’t be in Houston. Boo hoo…

    I agree with Karen (message #17)–how about a pattern so those of us who won’t be able to buy one from you could make our own?!

    Have a great time in Houston. Wish I could be there!


  23. I am the proud owner of this badge holder as I am on the board and let me tell you how handy it was during the show. It held my money, my credit cards,my drivers license, my lipstick I never had time to put on as we were so busy selling quilts, my phone, my business card, chewing gum, a couple other things I can’t remember but the best thing it held were the pins and bull noses I kept taking off and on the wall each time we sold a quilt. If this is not the best testimonial for the design of this badge holder, I don’t know what more I can say! I think we have 4 left so…..hurry up and see what you need to do to get one!


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