Little Crazy Quilt

Cathy Miller is a treasure.  She writes songs about quilters and, together with her husband John Bunge, performs all over North America.  If they come anywhere near your town, go out and see them.

I’ve learned about special quilts in history from Cathy’s songs, and I’ve laughed out loud as I see myself  and my fellow quilters in her lyrics.

And there’s one song that makes me cry every single time I hear it.

“I Remember You” is on her latest CD, Little Crazy Quilt. I asked her to write it. And she did!  How cool is that?! You’ll see a picture of my mother and me on the last page of the liner notes.

Get your copy of Little Crazy quilt and Cathy’s other CDs  here.

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7 thoughts on “Little Crazy Quilt

  1. Wonderful picture of you and your mom. I always wished I had one with my mom, but a stroke at 62 took her overnight and then it was too late of course. Cherish the pic.


  2. Cathy Miller spoke and taught at Shenandoah Valley Quilters Guild and she really entertained us! I am so glad that you two are friends. Please keep up the good work and laughs, both of you.


  3. What a beautiful song! I read the lyrics and remembered my own mother, which is, I guess, what this song will do for anyone who reads or hears it. And what a lovely picture of the two of you. Cathy Miller is really a treasure!


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