I’m Going To Be On The Radio!

Listen to me on Pat's show!We had cats when I was growing up and one of their favorite paces to roost was on top of the television set. Every time one would jump up there my dad would say, “Hey look! The cat’s on TV!”  Like the cat was being interviewed on Nightly News or something. The clever omission of the “the” made it our family joke.  The cat’s on TV. Ha, ha! (I guess you had to be there.)

Well I’m going to be on the radio, and I don’t mean sitting on it. You’ll be able to hear my voice and everything! And it’s radio on the Internet which probably isn’t even called radio, but I’m old, so give me a break.

I’m going to be interviewed by Pat Sloan on her Creative Talk Network. You can listen to me live “on air” starting at 4pm EST on Monday, October 25th. If you can’t listen live then you can listen to the recording afterwards. You can even download it to your iPod. Isn’t life grand? Hey, remember the television set? It was black and white!

What ever shall we talk about? If there’s something you want me to try and work in, put it in the comment section below. Tell your friends.

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6 thoughts on “I’m Going To Be On The Radio!

  1. Now just what creative quilt wise can you share with a radio listening audience. I have seen you in the real live appearance at Buena lVista College years agoin a workshop on hand quilting and I got a lot out of that but whatever can you tell a listening crowd. And I am out here in the sticks so I doubt if any of the local radio stations will cover you. I am not criticizingio–I know you will probably be amusing but how can you quilt on radio. Lotsa luck , sweetheart. Your big fan from Storm Lake in northwest Iowa


  2. Way cool! I can get this on the internet at the link you posted.

    I think they mean EDT, not EST. Not a problem, can check back later. And the recorded version will be there for a while. Will be listening for you.


  3. you should send poochini’s video to david letterman. he might invite them to be “on tv” ;) he does that. xoxo


  4. What is an ipod? Is it like a radio? I still listen to the radio and do not have an ipod. How far behind the times am I?


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