Socks Appeal

I was so excited that I nearly tripped over my own feet when I happened to see this book at Quilt Market several months ago. A handful of little critters were scattered around it and as soon as I picked one up I fell in love.  They were soft, squishy, and totally adorable.

I begged a copy from the kind folks at C & T  Publishing so I could tell you all about my great find.

Socks Appeal (GREAT NAME!) is written by Brenna Maloney. Where has she been all my life? I love the way she writes.  Her “voice”  makes this pattern book read like a letter from your best friend—who is really smart and can explain everything you need to know about making cool animals from socks.

In describing the types of socks to look for, Brenna doesn’t hold back. With regards to anklets she writes, ” I hold these in contempt; I really do. More on this later.” (Don’t you love it?)

About 2-toed socks she shares, “Okay, I really have no earthly idea what to  do with this one. But don’t you think it’s cool?”

Make some new friends!There are 16 odd little creatures to make from wild socks, and I must admit I have a large personal collection. I’m deciding which pair to sacrifice first, maybe the lone socks who survived the dryer but lost their sole mates.

Socks Appeal has lots of wonderful examples and Brenna invites you to inject your own creativity into each. Bring along your whimsy, a scoop of playfulness, and some smiles too.  Enjoy!

Available someplace near you where books are sold, or at

8 thoughts on “Socks Appeal

  1. Awesome,isn’t it? I have been shopping for new socks since I got a copy of this book. Say good-bye to boring dark blue and brown, time to make some make some wild critters.


  2. How cute!! I’ve been wondering about what to do with those favorite socks of mine with the heel worn out on only one. Now I know. Thanks


  3. They are so cute! Reminds me of the “baby” bunnies in sacks I used to make a couple decades ago.
    They do take on a personality rapidly and those waiting in the basket for their little sacks to be finished seemed to be staring at me!


  4. I recently found this cute little book and of course brought it right home with me. I love the writer’s voice in the instructions. She sounds like a funny good friend and makes me want to construct several of these little guys for gifts for the holidays.
    Finally, those socks that lost their mates when the washer/dryer ate them will have a new fun life. A super idea for recycling and a day brightener for recipients as well.
    I love it when a plan comes together!!


  5. I loved the book so much I ordered it 10 minutes after I read your post. It is beyond CUTE! I even ordered another one on little birds. It will be fun fun fun to create interesting critters…. I can’t wait.



  6. Ami: Thanks so much for your kind words on the book. I really appreciate it! I’m hard at work now on a second book: “Sockology: Advanced Techniques in Sock Creations.” It’s getting so bad, I no longer have any socks to WEAR!


  7. I’m going to make those “pillow case dresses” for little girls in Africa and wanted to include a doll in a pocket – I’m hoping these will be just the right size. will look for the book on little birds, too.

    I’ve got to keep myself busy. Our love to Madison.


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