Mall Walkers Gather To Sing Happy Birthday

It was one of those moments that gives you goosebumps and a lump in your throat.

Arlene is a petite woman with gray curly hair who sits in the grouping of chairs between center court and Macy’s at Genesee Valley Center in Flint, Michigan every weekday morning. She smiles and waves at all the “mall walkers” who pass by. 

This morning about 50 of us came together to celebrate Arlene’s 90th birthday with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday! 

Yesterday her close friends set up a table at the other end of the mall and called people over to sign a giant card for her. Debbie and I printed off signs for people to wear on their shirts this morning as we walked so everyone would know about the celebration and where to meet and sing.

It was a delightful conspiracy! So many smiles and  knowing glances as we plotted. We made a lot of new friends.

Arlene seemed quite pleased with our impromptu serenade. She had a hug for everyone and gave us a few dance steps, too.

Hats off to Dionne, the store manager at JCPenney, who presented Arlene with a $100 gift card! 

What a great way to start the day!

14 thoughts on “Mall Walkers Gather To Sing Happy Birthday

  1. How sweet! Leave it to you to make signs for everyone to wear. How very special you are to be a part of making someone’s birthday celebration so so very special. I am sure this will be one she will never forget!


  2. There are many wonderful, caring people in this world and all of you that were a part of this are among that group. Arlene is so lucky to have her friends. Thanks for getting this story to us. It did my heart “GOOD”.


  3. Hi Ami!
    What a nice thing you and Debbie did! At my Mom’s 90th birthday party (2 years ago) her former choir mates surprised her at the party with a special choral presentation. Often, it’s the simple things that are the most meaningful.



  4. Love those feel good stories. Thanks for the many through the years. You have been such an inspiration and “friend” even if we have never talked one on one. Keep up the good work.

    Your friend in stitches,


  5. How wonderful!!
    The spirit of the season, any season, shines in the eyes of that dear lady! Bless her heart!
    And hats off to that JCPenney store manager! Hooray!
    p.s. What a great AAQI episode on The Quilt Show, too,this week!

    Didi :-)


  6. Dearest Ami,

    What a wonderful and heart warming story about your 90 year young lady and her birthday at the mall. I guess the world is really full of inspirational, warm and fuzzy things, but only if you are willing to look for them.

    You my darling, are one of those unusual people who always looks for that exceptional moment and capitalizes on it. Don’t ever lose that fabulous ability.

    Lots of love,
    Uncle Bud, Elaine and Missy


    1. Thank you so much for a real good feeing this morning. I am always so happy to hear of people caring for each other. Thanks for sharing the good news. regards, Llynnda


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