The Seal of Approval

I like it!Mom was cleaning closets and I was helping.  When she feels the urge to purge (and clean and straighten) she usually takes a nap and waits until the urge passes.

But, for some reason she was MOTIVATED.  Did I mention I was helping?

Readers with very good eyes will notice that there is a bottle of glass cleaner that appears to be coming out of my tail area. It is not. It is on the steps, behind me waiting patiently with the other cleaning things.

First we remove, and sort. Then we clean. Then we put back. And in the middle we play. That’s what we were doing in the picture.

If I remember correctly, my sister (the girl person) found the gloves and put them on to see if Mom would notice. I am so happy when people notice me.

I think I look like the very noble creature, the seal. The black flippers are very atractive on me.  I approve of them. I approve of most things. Therefore, in this picture, you may think of me as the Seal of Approval.

Sadly we had to go back to cleaning.

No gloves were harmed in the making of this blog.

Respectfully submitted and awaiting your approval,
Madison T. Dog

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31 thoughts on “The Seal of Approval

  1. Oh Madison! I love your mom but I honestly love you best! Your blogs are the light of my life! (do you want to come to Texas to live yet?)


  2. Madison , you are just terrific. If I tried half the things with my Andy that your mom does with you he would be very upset with me.


  3. Oh Madison, you are just the cutest and especially when you wear gloves.

    Keep on blogging. I enjoy hearing about you and your family.


  4. Madison,

    You’re a better golden dog than I am. I’d have those gloves ripped off in no time–unless I got lots of attention while I was wearing them.



  5. I think it is a very “fetching” look Madison. Any chance you might be able to convince my fur-kids that wearing human things is cute? They currently resist all my efforts. Of course they are felines which may explain a lot ………


  6. Madison: You are one of the most patient “people” I have ever “met”. Do you have a much fun as your family seems to, always dressing you for events, or just to let us know how great a person you are.


  7. Madison,
    I thought you were using your gloves to assist with glass cleaning–
    I,too, have been hit by the cleaning bug this week. I have moved half of the stuff out of my sewing room to sort and remove. Thus far, there has been some sorting, very little removing, and lots of, “wow–I forgot I had that” comments made. My husband was hiking the Grand Canyon and I thought I’d be able to complete this project before he returned. Well, he’s back and I’m not finished sorting-removing-reorganizing. Oh, well.
    Here’s a cyber pat to you and your Mother–Keep up the good work!

    Deb Divine
    Best wishes


  8. Madison, I approve of you: your posts are priceless! As well, I am sure, are your cleaning, sorting and playing abilities. Lucky Ami (and lucky you)!


  9. Thank you, Madison, for taking the time to post things that are so endlessly amusing to us two-legged creatures! You’re the coolest dog ever!


  10. Madison,
    We just think you look great with your seal flippers. And, it is soooo nice to help Mom clean and organize. Our Mom doesn’t like to clean and organize much so we always are around when she gets in the mood to “help”. Like you, we always give her a “break” and play with her. It helps the whole process and who doesn’t like an extra belly rub or ball throw! (Sometimes, though, she gets so distracted she doesn’t get anything more done…….oh, well)

    Best wishes for the new year, Madison. Mom can’t seem to find many blogs written by us dogs and we always enjoy yours!

    Molly and Abby
    Your Loyal Black Lab Fans
    Pine Grove, CA


  11. Oh Madison T. Dog–you do light up my life. Your “flippers” are darling and so are you. Thank your mommy for sharing you with us.


  12. Aw, Madison, your blogs make my day. And you certainly do deserve to be the Seal of Approval ! glad to know that yur Mom cleans the way I do, work a little, nap a little, work a bit more, check out the newest magazine etc…somedays something even gets finished!


  13. Sounds like you & Mom even had a fun day cleaning. Maybe I should borrow my sister’s child, “Zippy”. She likes to check out the insides of shoes, purses & boxes that smell like snacks.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN


  14. You definitely have my seal of approval, Madison! My standard poodle would give me such a look if I tried that on her. She tries very hard to be a scruffy sheep-girl for her Daddy.

    Much love,
    Sharon and Gold-EE


  15. Dear Madison T. Seal – ah, er – Dog! Arf arf arf (that’s seal talk for LOL!) Do keep up the good Approval work for Ami.


  16. Madison, you look adorable!!

    Hmmm, maybe you could go as a seal for Halloween this year!

    Pets and loves to you,


  17. Hi Madison,
    a friend sent me your blog and I thought it was really cute, just like you! Would you like to visit with Bella? She’s a very special cockapoo girl and has a great personality. Almost everyone likes her friendly demeanor. Keep helping you’re mom and always have fun. Our Best!


  18. Hi Madison, I love the way you always make me smile. That is a really good thing. Thank you. Come and visit more often.


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