Panty Party Is Sincerest Form of Flattery

Friends and fellow members of the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild in Wellsboro, PA were inspired by the Yo-Yo Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties and did their own dye job. When I questioned their relative cleanliness in the photo I was assured by ganggroup leader Peggi Yacovissi that they wore a considerable amount of dye on their hands, arms, and toes during the event but they removed the plastic gloves and washed well before being photographed for posterity. The red and purple on their arms is hidden by their “panty pose”

Panty Party

Left to right they are Rita Pyatt, Susan McConnell, Anya Tyson, Nancy Cooledge, and Mary Fahsbender. Peggi is hiding behind the camera.

Well done, ladies!

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9 thoughts on “Panty Party Is Sincerest Form of Flattery

  1. I have to get a pair of those pants from somewhere. I want to frame them for my sewing room.


    Next spring… ~~Ami


  2. Did you know you can dip a pair of (cotton) panties in rubbing alcohol (or whatever they call it) and color them with sharpie pens? The ink will run…and look kinda like tie-dye. (my dh used to work for a chem co before he retired and it was one of the demos they did, using a tee shirt, can’t remember what the heck they were demonstrating but it was fun anyway)

    Maybe I’ll buy some cheap-oh panties before the next quilting getaway at our mt house…….it would be a fun outdoor thing to do!

    Totally off the subject, but I went to one of our local shops to watch taping of several “segments” (sounds like worms to me) of Quilting Out Loud, the new qnntv show…fun morning! And Mark LIpinski was there but I didn’t get to watch that part ’cause I had to go quilt at our 4H Fair!


    1. You can also right/draw on cotton with Sharpies and carefully drip on the alcohol. It will evaporate away from the drip spot… and pull the ink with it. REALLY COOL

      Also fun to simply make a sharpie “dot” and a circle of dots around it in another color… and continue if you like. Drip the alcohol ONLY on the center dot. It evaporates like a starburst. really pretty. Fun for kids and Tshirts too!


  3. See what you started, Ami? Were you always such an instigator (you know, the one with the ideas who got other people to carry them out, possibly getting in trouble – back in school days)?


  4. I can tell you Ami, these ladies are one crazy bunch. I just hope the Wellsboro Gazette got the story about this antic. Way to go ladies. You never cease to amaze me.


  5. At timed like these, I curse my partial eyesight even more. Obviously I am missing something. I can see the panties hanging on the hedge and the ladies posing and that’s all. What am I missing?


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