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Picture Play Quilts by Ami SimmsI was storing some quilts downstairs and came across several of the quilts I made for Picture Play Quilts. I really like that book. In it I got to share what I learned as a second grade school teacher (my first career) while exercising my creativity with fabric (my second career). It was very satisfying to write.

I hadn’t really been a fan of “conversational” fabric before because it didn’t seem to GO with anything except more conversational fabric. When it finally dawned on me that quilts could be learning tools for kids, I was all over it.

PPQ fabricI amassed quite a collection of novelty fabric as I designed more than a dozen easy-to-make quilts for the book. Now it’s time to thin the herd. (But hold that thought for a minute.) 

The two dozen games I share in the book were games Mom taught me (and I played with Jennie) and language arts activities I did with my students in the classroom. The satisfaction of that book for me as an author was imagining quilters on their hands and knees, on the floor with their quilts and their kids or grandkids. It was the interaction and the play, facilitated by a quilt which is the very symbol of comfort, love, and home that felt so good.

Many readers have written requesting permission to photo-transfer the games onto the back of the quilts they make. Sure, go ahead. Others have made pockets on the front or back for photocopies of “game” pages 35-37. Great idea; be my guest. And yes, these make fantastic quilts for those children who are the beneficiaries of your guild’s service projects. Go for it. I think every quilter knows a child somewhere who would appreciate a Picture Play Quilt.

Let me make it really easy for you. From now until noon EDT on Thursday, July 2 you can buy as many copies of Picture Play Quilts as you want for 50% off. And, the first 50 people who order will get a chunk of conversational fabric from my stash. After you order yours, tell your friends. All of them. Blog, tweet, Facebook it. (Is Facebook a verb?)

Why the short window of opportunity? Debbie processes all the orders. Her vacation starts on Friday. If you order FAST she can get your book out before the holidays. If not, you get me. I stink at orders. I take forever and I make mistakes. Then I quit. If you don’t order before noon on Thursday the 50% discount will disappear and you’ll have to wait for Debbie to come back to work on July 13th.

Order here: http://www.amisimms.com/picplayquil.html

 (July 2 Update)
The “Big” Sale Is Over!
(But The “Pretty Large” Sale Continues)

The good news is that I used to have way more conversational fabric than I do now. I was able to give away a Chunk O’ Fabric to more people than I first expected. Fifty? More. One hundred? Even more! Probably closer to 135. So, the first 135 people who ordered got a little gift from me.

The bad news is that we’ve never ever gotten so many orders in a single day! EVER!! (Actually, that’s more good news!) The bad part is that there is no way Debbie can possibly fill all the orders before she leaves today for vacation.

If you placed your order before noon on July 1st your order has already shipped or is about to. After that, not so much. I’ll start in again on Monday. Wish me luck! We’ll see if I can get them done before Debbie comes back on the 13th. Madison will help.

I don’t want to disappoint anyone, so I am extending the sale. Not quite as good as the people who jumped on before the deadline (50% off + fabric for the first 135 orders), but pretty darn good (40% off). And don’t forget, I can put up to FOUR copies of Picture Play Quilts (or 4 other books/patterns or thin products) in the same priority mailer for a flat shipping rate of just $4.95. As long as you’re ordering, fill up the envelope and SAVE MONEY ON SHIPPING! 

Sorry, no autographs during the sale or my head will explode.

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9 thoughts on “Picture Play Quilts

  1. You are wonderful, Ami. I have made more PP quilts than any other, you have quite a few of them displayed on your website. I don’t need the book but will encourage others to hop on over here to order and get a chunk of your wonderful novelties! Please check out my blog post tomorrow, you’ll be happy that you did; it’s a surprise and perfect timing, too! :)


  2. I don’t blog, tweet, or facebook so I’m not much help in passing the word. I did order the book since making “Quilts for Kids” is one of my hobbies and I can always use some more ideas for different ones to make. So, Ami, you did help me. Thank you! :)


  3. Wow! The fates are lining up for me, I’m a quilter, have lots of novelty fabric, and a grandson coming in November. I have already ordered the book and can’t wait to see how I can make use of my fabrics.


  4. Hi Ami and Madison

    My Mum has already been shopping before she got to the end of the blog……. Plus she has also discovered Facebook…

    It’s a dogs life in this heat and now I don’t even get any attention…

    Charley in hot Bavaria


  5. Ami, If you get to the end of your sale and are still swimming in conversational fabrics, We would gladly take some of them off your hands. :-) We are the Hugs Ministry of First Southern Baptist Church of Waterford, CA. We make quilts for kids in crisis situations. The quilts go to the local fire and sheriffs departments to have when needed. I have been following your blog and love the posts by Madison. He is such a character. Tell him I said Hi. :-) Take care and God bless, Cory


  6. I’ve made 4 of your picture play quilts so far that I’ve given to family and I always try to pick fabrics geared towards each families interests. I publish a book to go along with each quilt and made a pocket on the back of the quilt to hold the book on 3 of them. Didn’t think of that idea for the first one! Have one more to make for family and may do a few small ones to give to the Salvation Army this year at Christmas time.


  7. My quilting group is going to start making small children’s quilts for kids removed from their home into foster care. When that happens, they are given a black garbage bag to put any personal items in, to take with them. What a horrible message to send to anyone. We have committed to making the quilts for them, so they can have something that shows them, they are special. This is a perfect way to show them. I can’t wait to get the book. THANK YOU!


  8. My book arrived here this afternoon along with a really cool hunk of fabric with fish just waiting to be fussy cut for fun patches! Not only that but the “Dogg Year” pattern that I had ordered a couple of days before the book sale appeared was in the same package. (I had thought about asking to have the pattern included in the same package with the book but it seemed a bit much to ask someone to go searching for the earlier order so i just sent off the order for the book.) But – somebody there is REALLY on the ball! I am seriously impressed – and pleased. :)


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