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Twisted SistersSomebody asked me recently if I ever got tired of patterns (or classes I teach from them) specifically, Twisted Sisters. Ah….  no.

In fact I recently finished this top, using up scraps from a Twisted Sisters demo session in Houston at the International Quilt Festival in Houston when the pattern first came out years ago.

Twisted Sisters "double" blockI had leftover parts from two quilts and decided to combine them, using both blue/strip and red/beige “wedges” in the same block. I wanted to see what kind of secondary pattern would show up and I was rewarded with blue and red “pinwheels” when the blocks were set together.

All I had to do to get the pattern was to turn each block 90 degrees when I placed it. (Half the blocks go one way, half go the other.) I used the same block center for each block. I’m happy with the white (same as block center) “pre- border,” or flange, sewn in to give a little spark and separation. The borders aren’t bad. If I had to do the cornerstones over again I would have “twisted” them too. Looks like the Red Cross came to visit.  I’m not too disappointed; this isn’t my last quilt.  :)

In Illinois this past week Kathy Treece of St. Anne, IL honored me by taking my Twisted Sisters workshop a second time! She brought with her two awesome quilts she finished from the previous class.  (See Rainbow Twist and Checkerboard Twist.)

Kathy figured out a great way to use up the little wedges leftover from step #5. 

Twisted Sisters Scraps

She flipped the larger scraps end-for-end and sewed them together to make new, very tiny, patched fabric for her inner border.

Inner Border Detail

Scrappy Inner Border Here’s the border next to a block or two so you can see the scale.

See Kathy’s Checkerboard Twist for the full effect.

Thanks for sharing, Kathy!

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4 thoughts on “Twisted Sisters Stuff

  1. Hi Ami!
    I love your beige/blue/red/white Twisted Sisters quilt! It almost makes me want to go AWOL from art quilts and make a traditional quilt again!


  2. I love seeing someone use those “little” pices left over when
    cutting out pieces for a quilt. Just wish I knew how to save them without forgetting I have them.


  3. Ami, very clever (and thrifty too!). Um, do you know the names/line/mfg of the fabric Kathy used in her Rainbow Twist version? I think I need some for my stash!!! LOL No, seriously, I’m having fabric envy, gotta get some!


    1. Was DarWelch refering to the fabric with the multicolor circles? I do not believe it is still available. I bought it from “Tammy Tadd” and asked them & they said it was unavailable. Kathy (When I first saw it in a quilt I thought it was little applique circles!)


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