Duct Tape On Airplanes: A Big No-No

On a recent trip, I flew a small regional airline that I don’t often fly. I was reminded again why that is.  Hello out there….! Having duct tape and  a “DO NOT USE” sign anywhere NEAR the emergency exit on an airplane is more than a little disconcerting to those of us who might think your sign refers to our way out in an emergency. The “mending job” was on BOTH emergency exits by the way. It was only after very close examination that I saw that the duct tape was holding the window shade in the UP position, but at first glance doesn’t it look like the sign and tape refer to the window exit?! Shame on you for using duct tape to mend anything that flies. Fix the shades for crying out loud! 

And apologies to the nice man sitting in the row 5. In order to take the pictures I had to slide my arm between the seats in the row in front of me and into your space to take the picture. You were sleeping at the time. Thank you for not waking up.

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8 thoughts on “Duct Tape On Airplanes: A Big No-No

  1. Having recently completed a trip to Germany…On the first flight the pilot said not to worry about the vibration, something had broken the the landing gear a few days ago and they hadn’t gotten it fixed yet. On the second leg, my video screen wasn’t working and the attendant said that this plane was due for a rehab. On the return, after we were loaded, we were told that there wasn’t enough oxygen loaded and we would have to wait for an hour while they found some. After an hour, we were told that was fixed, but the satellite phone that hadn’t been working well for a couple of days had quit working and we would have to wait…another hour. After take off, finally, we watched a movie then the video went out and they were not able to get it working again. On the second leg, we were only late loading by 1/2 hour. AFter arriving in KC, I was told my luggage had decided to stay in DC another day! Think this airline has LOTS of problems!!!! And this is one of the major carriers!


  2. Good grief! Not very reassuring at all!!!!
    I have a weird sense of humor, but even I wouldn’t go THAT far!
    (little fire cracker poppers – the type that one has to throw down hard on cement – placed under the toilet seat in the ladies bathroom was the weirdest so far)


  3. That reminds me of the Mexican airline my husband and I flew with several years back. The duct tape was above the doorway of the plane. My husband was noted for his true-life adventures; so as I entered the plane I turned my head back to my husband indicating the duct tape and said “Let the adventure begin.” I agree that duct tape does not inspire confidence while flying.


  4. Now if the man had woke up while you were taking the picture , the look on his face would have made another great shot.


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