NEW: Kid Sizes for Valami Mask!


The Valami Face Mask has just been updated to include face mask templates for kids! At this point it’s unclear how schools are going to proceed in the fall, but if kids will be wearing face masks, we’ve got you covered. Child SMALL is for ages 5 to 8 and Child LARGE is for ages 9 to 11. Of course age doesn’t tell the whole story, so we have Valami Face Mask Coversizing instructions for you too. 

Valami child masks are not just shrunk down, they have been designed to fit children’s faces. Note that Boxie the Foxie, beloved stuffed animal, is not wearing a face mask designed to fit her face. (Nor will she ever. I have got to draw the line somewhere!)

Valli and I also streamlined construction techniques, and included cutting measurements right on the pattern templates. Plus, we have more fastening options for Style B masks—including ear loops! (Child masks MUST be made with ear loops.) You can also click to my videos from inside the pattern. Obviously that only works if you are reading your pattern on the electronic device of your choice. If you decide to print the pattern instead, no matter how hard you smack the paper with your mouse, it’s not going to open the link.

Click here for the Valami Face Mask pattern. It’s free.

Evelyn ABBoy AZoeyMaskFront dinkedAB-LowRez

If you’re looking for supplies with which to make your Valami masks, please visit my Amazon Store:
This is an affiliate link. It costs you nothing additional, you can still support your favorite charity though AmazonSmile, and I earn a little tiny bit from things you purchase.

More Resources:
1. I am using knit fabric from to make my stretchy fabric tubing for ear loop masks. It is cotton and spandex.  Great colors if you like black or white. Now that stores are opening up, and you can pet fabric again, I’m sure there are other options. When shopping, make sure the fabric you buy for tubing has spandex in it and that it curls tightly along the cut edge. While cotton knits and cotton t-shirt strips will work, they will soon loose their stretch. Spandex has “memory.” Even after you pull it into a tubular shape it will still stretch and then return. It will not completely stretch out. The tight tubing is so much more comfortable behind the ears than elastic. The 1″ width shrinks down considerably so it is narrower and less bulky than t-shirt strips. Spandex is good.

2. For adult masks, I purchased 250 feet of polypropylene-covered 1/8″ shock cord at (If a smaller amount will do, see the Amazon link above.) The polypropylene is less slippery and stays on my head better than polyester wrapped shock cord.

3. If you’re looking for cord locks to go along with the shock cord, or with fabric ties, and would like to pick and choose your color, head over to Their customer service is excellent. You can also get them on Amazon using my affiliate link.

The Valami 2.0 also has a new message for recipients of the masks you make. It now includes wearing instructions, and handy check-boxes. Print, check, give.

Use and Wearing Instruction for Valami Face Mask

Happy Masking!
Ami Simms

If you received this in your email inbox and find that the links are not clickable, click the title up above (NEW: Kid Sizes for Valami Mask!) and that will take you to my website where all the links will be clickable.

The Valami Mask was created by Valli Schiller and Ami Simms. Get the free pattern at

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4 thoughts on “NEW: Kid Sizes for Valami Mask!

  1. Thanks, Ami. And just so you know: I made one (summer weight cotton)crib sheet For my greatgranddaughter last week, with 2 yards being washed now for a second. THAT is a GREAT pattern. Thanks for it:)



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