Quilt Labels: Make It Personal

ThLee'sQuiltLOWreZe tradition continues, but this time with a twist.

I’ve shared that I make quilts for nieces and nephews. Now we’re on the second generation, quilt #2. This is Lee’s Quilt and I added something a little different. I “signed it” with a QR code. A what?!

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is a type of bar code.  It is read by a machine and contains information about the object to which it is attached, like this quilt. W-H-A-T?!

qrcode.23776260This is a QR code for AmiSimms.com. Great. Now what? Well, if you had a smart phone, you would download a free app like QR Reader and you would hold it up to the computer monitor, line up this little black and white code through your smart phone camera, wait for the little beep, and you would magically be taken to my website.

(Don’t ask me what to do if you are reading this blog post on your smart phone, although there is probably an app for that too!)

Wait! There’s more! You can purchase a QR code professionally printed onto a fabric label. They are called  Story Patches and they come  in “sew-on” or “iron-on.” Incidentally, while I appliqued this onto the quilt after the top was finished, I could just as easily have pieced it in. And, it would have lived just as happily on the back of the quilt as on the front of the quilt.  Learn more HERE. They’re sold at Michaels, Target, and Staples.

The hardest part is deciding what you want the QR code to do. In addition to linking it to a video message, you could link it to a photograph, an audio message, or a written document. Best of all, you can change the video, photo, audio message or document any time you want. The QR code can be “read” by scanning, or by entering the letter code into a web site.  There’s no expiration on the QR code either. They’re also washable.

StoryPatchesIf you’d like to try a Story Patch (QR code) on your next quilt, I carry both the sew-on and the iron-on in my online store .






Ami Simms

18 thoughts on “Quilt Labels: Make It Personal

  1. Lee’s quilt is fabulous! You are one smart, technology savvy lady and I’m so uber-impressed with your QR code label! What a great way to personalize a quilt. I have quilts my grandmother made and it would be wonderful to put a QR code on a label and then tell about the maker of the quilt and it’s history. My brain is spinning with ideas! Thanks for sharing the Story Patch with us.


  2. Ok, so in 25or so years, will my great-grandson be able to read that I made this quilt out of his dad’s T-shirts in 2014? I was looking for something like a scan code to take the place of a regular label. I love your idea, nutmeg would like to understand better the information I could put on it.


  3. I love these! I videoed my friend Kathy telling the story of making a quilt she presented to her sister to become the quilt’s label. We used an iron on code and then pressed a piece of iron on vinyl over the code to protect it in the future. Worked like a charm!


  4. Initially, I scanned this story quickly and thought it interesting and warranted more of my time. Later when I had time and read it entirely, it’s not at all what I thought! My original impression was the QR barcode was similar to a microchip for a pet, and Ami was starting a quilt registry for lost quilts! I wondered, how does she have the time? So much for speed reading!


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