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Maizie & MeMom’s packing for her trip to Atlanta so I have a few minutes.

I just became an uncle. My sister Jennie (head cut off in photo) and her husband have a new dog named Maizie. They live in Ann Arbor so she’s named after University of Michigan colors, but she is not any of those colors. She is the same color as me. Must be a people thing.

Maizie is part chihuahua and part German shepherd and lots of other parts. She likes to run very fast and dig holes. Not at the same time.

She was afraid of me at first, but then she showed me who is the boss. Maizie is the boss. Here is a movie of Maizie and me.

But more about  me. Remember how I like small places, like behind the toilet? My other favorite spot to relax is in the living room behind the couch. I like to squeaze in there while nobody is looking and then I watch TV with Mom and Dad from the opening underneath. I can only get to the behind the couch place by going around behind Mom’s chair. The other side is blocked off with a big stereo speaker.

I don’t like to back up because it’s hard for me to see around my large behind. So I have figured out my own unique way to exit the couch area.

Niki holding quiltMom’s cousin Niki, who you know from buying quilts in the AAQI booth at International Quilt Festival in Houston, has a dog and a bird and two cats. (She told me to tell you that if you want to help in the booth this year, you should sign up here. Otherwise she’ll scratch you behind the ears if you just want to come and buy a quilt. Wait, that last part about the ear-scratching was for me.)

Anyway, one of Niki’s cats is named Beijing and he is starring in a TV commercial with someone called Robert Downey Jr. I’ve watched it several times and I don’t know what they are selling, but in the Hold That Cat part, the cat is Beijing.  You should watch it and hit paws so you can see the cat part better.

I hope you have a nice day tomorrow. I will be moping by the door waiting for Mom to come home.

Faithfully yours (with tail wags),
Scooter Simms

46 thoughts on “Dog News

  1. Love the videos and your Nephew. Congratulations Scooter.

    THC is an actual phone, like an android or Iphone. Because no one knows what THC is the commercial is suggesting all different things THC could stand for and one is Cat like in my cat Beijing!

    Hope this helps you understand the commercial better.


  2. Scooter – you are such a clever dog! Be careful with your hips when you do your flip-flop turn – I can feel mine hurt just watching you. And you are a very patient uncle! I have missed you but I can see you have been very busy being a video-star and uncle as well. Tiring I am sure and now you have to do all that yearning to do while Mum is away – how can she possibly leave you behind? (tell you a little secret: she is missing you just as much as you is missing her. Hope that makes you feel better). Sending you lots of cyber hugs to use while she is gone.


  3. Scooter – my cyber-hugs I sent you for having while your mum is gone disappeared, yes, you guessed it, into cyberspace! It was probably too early this morning for the cyber-post to deliver them or they got absorbed by the heavy clouds. So I am re-sending them! Let me tell you a small secret while you are moping at the door: your mum is missing you just as much as you are missing her when she and you are apart! That is a fact.
    Congrats on becoming an uncle and what a patient and hansom uncle you are – well done; lots of cyber gold stars for you.
    I have missed you; you always brighten my day. Thanks for getting your paws on mum’s keyboard to tell us your news.
    PS mind your hips when you do your pirouettes behind the sofa, mine hurt when I watched you.


    1. Scooter: I found your words they are here. I have to approve the comments and I have to wait until Mom is out of the way some where to do that. She’s in the water chamber now, the one with the indoor fountain, behind the impenetrable curtain which prevents all escape.


  4. How brilliant of you Scooter, to figure out the most unique way of exiting that small space behind the couch. Now, maybe if you ask nicely Mom will move that couch a little bit away from the wall so you can turn around a tad bit more comfortably.
    As for Maizie,, she just needs some patience on your part. You can teach her all your tricks and then she will be as brilliant as you :-))


    1. Scooter: Mom has no intention of moving the couch. She really enjoys watching me squirm and struggle to get out from behind it. Sometimes she even taunts me. She asks me to come out for no reason, just so she can watch me flip. And then she laughs.


  5. Hmmm…instead of moping until Mom gets home from another trip, you need to get a gig doing commercials while she is gone. That cat didn’t even have a very good trick–who can’t jump into someone’s arms?


  6. I keep watching that video over and over, trying to figure out how Scooter is moving and twisting his body like that. I have to walk away now, because I have a feeling that I’ll never figure it out no matter how many hours I sit here in front of the screen…… I will probably have dreams about this…..


  7. Ha roo, Scooter! You’ve got your work cut out for you with that little niece of yours! Me? I’m breaking in a new sister myself. She’s 5 but she’s crazy. Actually, I love her kind of craziness! It’s got me acting like a pup again – and I’m 13 1/2! I find that laying with my head under a table or chair gives me a good break from her. You might want to try that!
    Play bows!


    1. Scooter: for sure. I got all tuckered out with the non-stop play. Maizie likes to stick her whole head in my mouth and bite me. It is peculiar. Sometimes I have to run away from her.


  8. Scooter, Don’t tell Maizie, but our “clever” owners aren’t all that clever – I have met another Maizy, and a Maize (both dogs like you and me) just in the 2 miles of paths that I take my owners on here in Ann Arbor. Some day we may call the city to see just how many of us are registered. We are all special!

    My favorite sleeping place is on the couch watching TV. I always make sure to ask for permission before I curl up with my owners.


  9. I understand you have to get as close to Mom as possible. You probably can’t sit on her lap when she watches tv, so that’s a smart way of staying close and not getting stepped on. Ingenious. What a good, smart boy.


    1. Scooter: Every time I tried that people came running from all directions screaming for me to get off. Maizie also bit me in the behind area. Sitting on her is not an option.


  10. Guinness is really impressed with the couch maneuver, Scooter. He would never attempt that! His method for dealing with challenging situations like that is to look as pathetic as possible until his humans relent and help him. You should try that if your back gets tired!


  11. Hi Scooter, I happen to love your large behind; in fact, i don’t think of it so much as large as ‘well rounded.’ Anyway, it’s perfect!


  12. Scooter, you are so clever and you performed for us just like Mom wanted. Make her give you a treat next time! Tell Bejing that he is a beauty…but tell him not to let this fame go to his head. Your Ohio pals, Jack and Barney.


  13. Scooter, I would certainly call your behavior with that ‘strange’ dog gallant and gentlemanly, since it is visiting in YOUR home!


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