What Traveling Quilt Teachers Do

. . . . . These pictures are from my lecture "Living With Quilts: A Survival Guide." It's a presentation that examines how quilters are sometimes "different" from other folks, and shares coping strategies for your family. It's all in good fun, because no matter what you're learning about, humor always makes it more enjoyable, and more … Continue reading What Traveling Quilt Teachers Do

Redneck Tape Measure

My friend and fellow quilting instructor Kathy Kansier showed me her "Redneck Tape Measure" when we recently taught at the same quilting conference this summer. Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy. She takes a few inches of 1/4"-wide masking tape and wraps it around the thumb of her dominant hand.  Instant measuring tool and literally stuck to you … Continue reading Redneck Tape Measure