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Play With Your Buffet

I may have mentioned this before, but we go out to eat a lot, mostly because I refuse to cook. As Debbie, Steve, and I were enjoying lunch at the Chinese Buffet a few weeks ago, Steve came back to the table with all RED food. He had those bananas in a sweet red sauce (which are about as Chinese as the chocolate pudding they serve) and some watermelon, and something else I can’t remember. It was very pretty and so I thought I’d take my camera the next time.

Aren’t the colors and shapes pretty?

Now it’s YOUR TURN. Take a camera to lunch. Or dinner. Shoot your food. If somebody with a Flickr account will volunteer to collect the photos for me and upload them, I’ll link. (Volunteer by way of a comment to this blog.) By sharing we can all admore your sense of color, understanding of good composition, appreciation for juxtoposition, and your ability to hold the camera steady and not make the rest of us lose our lunch. HINT: to get the best exposure, STAND UP. That way all the other diners will know where the flash is coming from. Seriously, if you sit, you’ll be too close and your flash will wash out the food.

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July 12, 2008 at 7:43 am 3 comments


Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, I know bagels. After Mom moved in with us we would drive back to the old neighborhood to buy bagels: 120+ miles roundtrip. (We bought 3 dozen at a time and froze them. Sacrilege, but what could I do?)

Quite the versatile food group, bagels are. Fresh with lox, cream cheese, and lemon; toasted with butter; or peanut butter. Broiled with melted cheese…

I also like a toasted bagel with a fried egg on top, but this can be problematic. It is the very definition of the “square peg in the round hole.” More to the point, it’s a lot of egg yolk falling through the hole in the bagel. 

The only way around the hole-in-the-bagel dilemma is to make a closed-hole bagel. (Heaven forbid!) Or, to cook the egg to match the bagel! 

 This is not as easy as it look. Therefore I would like someone to INVENT a cooking tool that would automatically make a hole in the egg to match the bagel. Perhaps a heavy, metal cone-shaped structure that sits in the frying pan. One would crack the egg on the tip. The egg would drip down around the cone and cook with a premeditated hole in the center. Or, the dumb metal cone would heat up and the egg would cook on the way down and you’d have to bit the egg off of it and throw away the bagel. OK, scrap that idea and get to work on something else, would ya?

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June 30, 2008 at 11:24 am 6 comments

Walker Brother’s Pancake House

I gave up cooking, but I still like to eat. Kris Johnston took me to Walker Brothers for brunch on the way to the airport yesterday and suggested I order mini-version of their famous German Pancake called The Dutch Baby. Oh my goodness! Quoting from the menu, “it’s a thin and delicate plate-filling oven-baked pancake dusted with powdered sugar and served with lemon on the side.” It was as big as my head, a huge crater with 3″ walls, and filled with bananas and strawberries for only $2.95 additional. And light as a feather. I ate the whole thing.Walker Brother\'s Dutch Baby I’ve had mayonnaise on French fries (Holland) and salt on grapefruit (my husband’s favorite), but never lemon on pancakes. It was fabulous. Six great locations in metro Chicago. No, I don’t own stock but I’m considering it. I hear they have a mean Apple Pancake too, but I’m not messing with success.

May 23, 2008 at 8:58 am 6 comments

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