On Hands and Knees

photo(1)I love this picture of Debra Voight with her granddaughter Lucy Ann.  They’re playing on a quilt called “Funny Bunny, Bears and Honey” (great name)! And it’s one of the patterns in my Picture Play Quilts book.

Is that not the coolest thing? Just look at the two of them!

I included 24 games to play with the quilts in the book. A quilt stitched with novelty fabric can be a great learning tool.

OK, now check out the quilting! Meander quilting is perfect for the busy conversational prints. I love the loop-di-loop in the birdie border. Now look at the quilting in the pink borders. It’s planned, but serendipitous, all at the same time. And catch the cool asterisk “star” in the yellow boxes. It not only provides a highway to travel from one pink border to the next, but the straight spokes are a nice contrast to the twists and turns of the quilting throughout the quilt.

DSC_0020(Hey, did you notice the sliver of pink before the striped binding? Love it!) Debra quilted this quilt with Superior’s NiteLite glow-in-the-dark thread! Awesome idea!

Debra is a big  fan of Picture Play Quilts.  She said, “Hands down it is THE MOST USED book in my quilt library!”

Here’s an overall photo of “Funny Bunny, Bears and Honey”.”

 "Funny Bunny, Bears and Honey"


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