Inspiration, A Funny Thing

I joined the ranks of fabric designers for a short time back in 2002, designing two lines of fabric for Troy Corporation. My “Pizza Party” line featured crust, sauce, cheese, and topping fabric to create the pizza quilt of your dreams, regular, or deep dish. “Pie a la Mode” did basically the same for pies. I still find it amusing that both fabric lines are food related and I don’t cook.

I can BUY food, and that’s just what I did to photograph the designs for both fabric lines. And then we ate the evidence.

The “pie” line needed a geometric neutral-ly type fabric. I couldn’t find anything food-related to base the design on. Know what I used instead?

You’re never going to guess…..

Give up?!

I scanned the bottom of a postal tote! And then I tweaked the colors. (Yeah, but first I had to clean the tote!)

See the resemblance?

OK, so my secret is out and the fabric is out of print. But you’re not out of luck because I’ve been cleaning and I found about a dozen bolts with my name on the selvage. They’re mine now, but they could be yours. At $3.99 a yard, get over there now! (One yard minimum purchase.)

Oh, and I forgot! I also found three little quilts.
You can buy those too.

The cleaning continues…

Ami Simms

4 thoughts on “Inspiration, A Funny Thing

  1. I need help and don’t know where to find it? I have a “National Columbian” vibrating shuttle machine and I can’t find any informatin on it. Your blog was the only result. Can you point me in the right direction?


  2. Today, I was looking for something in my projects file and came across your pattern for Pie a la Mode Placemats. They are so cute and would make great gifts, too. Alas, I can’t locate any of the cherries or blueberries fabrics, or even crust fabric. I understand they are now out of print. Is there ANY possibility you’ll bring them back again sometime in the future? I loved your pizza fabrics, too, but I’m into pies for the holidays, and thought these placemats would be so nice.


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