Make This Quilt!

Remember the nightmare that puts you in a total panic? You’re late for class, you can’t find the classroom, and then you realize you’ve never ever been to class before and today is the final exam!? I hate that one. (OK, maybe you’ve had a similar nightmare?)

You’re in luck. Nine out of ten readers will get this blog post on Monday. (I’m typing on Sunday, but if you get your blog delivered to your email box it sometimes takes a while.) The class STARTS on Monday. It doesn’t matter. You could be reading this on TUESDAY. Still doesn’t matter.

You can still make this quilt with me in my online String Star class. You’re not late, you won’t be “behind.” Since you work at your own page, you will be incredibly ON TIME…..ALL THE TIME!

How does that work? A time warp?! Kind of. Lessons appear in our virtual classroom at 12:01 a.m. (that’s really early in the morning) on six consecutive days, starting Monday, July 16th.

The great thing about THAT, aside from the fact that you don’t’ have to haul your sewing machine anywhere, is that you can do the lessons on the day they appear, on the day after, on the day after that, or any time your little heart desires. You can even START the lessons on Saturday! You want to learn a really cool way to pick fabric for your quilts, don’t you?

No penalties, no dirty looks, no apologies….  No problem! Especially when it comes to making mitered borders. That’s one skill you get to learn if you want to.

Huh?! Sure! It’s not a race. Nobody in the class has to be at the same place at the same time. I’m cool with that! I’m at your elbow to respond to comments, answer questions, offer explanations, and make wise-cracks for 10 whole entire days. Seriously, you post a comment in our virtual classroom and my phone buzzes! I don’t care when you ask your question or offer your comment. Interact when it is convenient for YOU. I’m there for you when you need me, except of course when I set my phone to stun and I’m sleeping. The lessons stay up in the classroom for another 10 days after that! So if you need more time to sew strips into tubes and then cut them into finished blocks,you’ve got it.

What does that mean? Well, in “real life” this is a 6-hour class where you make the quilt top and get fired up for border options which you would execute at home. If you can make room in your summer schedule for 6 hours of fun spread out over 20 days, you can MAKE THIS QUILT!

Sign up at

Don’t You can’t be late!

I love this class.  So do my students.

Here are some comments from the last time I taught the class:

Luella: I especially appreciated the section on borders. Maybe now I can put borders on the 3 quilt tops that I put together…I hate to tell you how many years ago.

Lori: I’ve never taken an online class before, and found it really works well for me.

Kathy: This class is great!….I would definitely recommend your classes to friends and I’m looking forward to another.

Ginger: I love this class format—just enough information to keep the student busy and entertained each day without overload and a completed quilt in a week’s time. This is much less stressful than trying to get all this done in a two-day class.

Carole: I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

Sign up here.

See you in class!

Ami :)

3 thoughts on “Make This Quilt!

  1. So you have the same nightmare. The class I can’t find the room for, and then realize that I have never attended, and like you, oops, today is the final exam, is usually French, at which I am quite hopeless.

    I am 65 and still occasionally have this dream.

    I can’t do this class right now, but keep offering it, and one of these times, I’ll register. Looks like fun – Thanks Ami


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