Scooter’s Roundup

Mom is busy getting ready for Jennie’s bridal shower tomorrow. I don’t know why they are all coming over here to wash up; nobody tells the dog anything. Here’s a picture of Mom washing windows. Not sure why that had to happen. She said she got carried away, but she didn’t. She’s still here.

People things are really confusing. I’d rather write about me.

I have been improving. I am now a much more better dog. I can walk around the whole mall without a major leash correction. Mom is taking the picture. This is Debbie. She works with Mom. This is us at the mall. We walk there every day. (Hi, Debbie.)

We went to the Frankenmuth, Michigan Dog Bowl and I was so good I thought Mom was going to hug the stuffing out of me. There were tons of dogs and after I calmed down I just walked regular, like all the other dogs. I let Mom lead me all around and I didn’t bark or lunge at the other dogs. We went two days in a row.

There were dogs everywhere.

People too.

It was hot.

We had water and we walked and walked and walked.

And then we walked more.

It was way fun!

I’m going next year, right Mom?

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Here’s a video of me getting some toys from my new best friend, Cass Plott.

That’s all for now. I’m sure Mom will blog after the shower.

Big friendly woofs and tail wags,

21 thoughts on “Scooter’s Roundup

  1. Toy testing can be so exhausting. I am sure that the toy manufacturers will be glad to see your video and get your report, Scooter. Great job on your status. I went to Frankenmuth many years ago. I love to go to Bonners, but I bet you would not be able to go because your tail waging could cause real issues. I think that your mom should get you your own Christmas tree there and decorate it with doggie ornaments. I’ll be looking for pictures of it with you in December!


  2. Scooter, you are such a character!! What a dilemma, trying to choose a toy. Comet would just go down the line and “kill” each one.


  3. I love goldens and their soft mouths. Scooter is VERY special…..I just love him to pieces. Well, one whole piece!


  4. Scooter,
    Hello from sunny California…………Isn’t Frankenmuth the neatest place….I had the pleasure of visiting there this past Fall……………the Bronner’s Christmas store is the BEST! Oh my I am so happy you were such a good boy that you got to go back a second day and I am sure Mom will be delighted to return with you next year………….enjoy the shower! ;-)


  5. HE LOOKS TOTALLY OVERWHELMED. With the full basket of toys in the background it doesn’t look like he really needed anything new.


  6. I have a lot of questions: What did Scooter do with the toys that he took off camera. I wonder what he was thinking as he sorted the toys. I think I need to get a life…


  7. Dear Scooter…..can we get you to visit us in North Carolina? I’m not behaving well at all, I can’t seem to stop myself from being naughty.

    So, from dog to dog….please come and show me your secret!!
    Sooty…..who is going on her 3rd month in her forever home…..


  8. Emma here-Sasha and I like the blue dog-we have one but it’s orange and we grab it after we try everything else just like you did. We like to get a bunch in a pile and lay on them to protect them from our cats!!


  9. I think I’m in love with Scooter.
    It’s like with human kids – only one toy at a time. Avoids confusion.


  10. My Golden, Bailey, was as fascinated with Scooter’s video as Scooter is. Thought it would be better with the toys in person, though. Gave me a shopping list…..


  11. Scooter, looks like you had a great time! You’re mom made some funny comments. My cat only plays with my rolled up winter gloves and a little purple character – she leaves them in various places throughout the house, but only when no one is looking!


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